Creepy Crawly Classroom

Last week we got Painted Lady caterpillars and there are 49 of them. They are going to be butterflies. In 7-10 days they will be a chrysalis. When we got them, they were so small and now they are so big. They will grow to almost the size of a pinky finger.

They came with a set that had food (it's called nutrient), a measuring cup for water, gloves (they were really big), little cups with lids, a big container, a spoon, and a paintbrush.

First, Mrs. Malkoske mixed up some food. Then we took a spoon packed it down into the little cups. Some of the cups looked like a little hill. We had to use a tack to poke holes in the lids.

Next Mrs. Malkoske went around and we had to put one or two caterpillars in one of the little cups using the paintbrush. The paintbrush is gentle. Then we put the lids on.

They have been crawling around and making silk webs and they've shed their skin. They have been eating and growing and pooping.
After their poop is covering the bottom of the cup over top of the food, you have to clean it out.

Here is the lifecycle of a Painted Lady Butterfly:
This week our caterpillars started to change In to chrysalis.there are fordenine of them.Each of us got to do one of them.Some of us got to do tow of them.thaysh shred there skin.we have twenteone chrysalis and twente caterplers.-Reegan & Kayla

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