Friday, April 27, 2012

Goodbye Ms. Anderlic!

Today was Ms. Anderlic's last day in our class. We're going to miss her. We are sad. We had a surprise party for her. She was an AWESOME teacher. She did the senses and lots of centres with us. We made a book for Ms. Anderlic... Here it is:

-The kids of Room 9

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Busy Wednesday!

Today Tyson brought his shark because he was the Star of the Week. It was a real shark. It was a baby shark. It was in a container that was filled with formaldehyde. -Aaron
Today Tyson was Star of the Week. His Mom read us 2 stories. They were really good. -Brandon
At the end of the day we did yoga. We watched the video of breathing. We learned the tree and the dog. It was fun because we got to do two. I liked the dog because it's my favourite animal. It was kind of a funny pose. -Ashley
Today we did yoga. It was very short. It was hard to balance. -Sam
Today I lost my tooth. It was on the bottom. It was very loose. I pulled it out when the bell rang. I told Mrs. Malkoske it came out. Ms. Anderlic gave me a bag. -Nick
Today throughout the day we went to music and at music I got a dragonfly for using nice words and Nicholas did too. -Rhianna
Today we finished our calendar and we watched a little yoga. The hard part is standing on one foot. Someone petted the dog in the movie. -Cameron
Tyson brought his shark and I think it was a tiger one. His eyes looked funny. -Peyton
Today we had inquiry and we were working on animals. The categories were reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and fish. We didn't learn a lot about them but I learned some stuff I didn't know before like reptiles are cold blooded. Usually if you have them as a pet you need a heater for them. We Googled a couple of things. Ms. Anderlic handed out pieces of paper with animals on it. Mine was a whale. The whale was in the category of mammal. -Tristan
Today we learned that dophins are mammals instead of fish because they go up above water so they can breathe. They can't stay under water like fish. They drink milk from their mother and they curl their tongue like a straw and zipper. -Jadyn
Today during Daily 5, when I did read to someone with Sydney H, I tried my very first chapter book. It was Baby Mouse. -Rylee
Today at the end of the day we did yoga. -Kaspir

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today we had a Field Trip

Today we went on a field trip. We went to a high school and we made bug houses. My favorite part was hammering.It was so fun. At the high school I hammered nails and Aliegha and some other girls in my group hammered nails. There were two older boys who helped us. We had to go in groups. The people in my group were Aliegha, Taylor, Ashley, Lindsay and Sydney H. Mrs. Kosalouski's class came with us to build the bug boxes too! When we were on the bus I sat by Madeline. When we want back to the school I sat by Madeline and Ashley.On the bus we played I spy. When we were building our bug houses I was very hungry because we had no snacks when we were building our bug houses. We had to hammer in the nails. When I was trying to hammer the nails in the wood my nail kept on bending. Sometimes the nail went strait and sometimes the nail bended. At the field trip when I was hammering the first time it kept bending but at the end I did it perfectly. One time when I was hammering the nail the nail was bending and I hammered the nail that was bent in the wood. The boy tried to get out the bent nail but he could not so he had to use a hammer. When I hammered the nail it kept on bending but when Aliegha was hammering the nail Aliegha did not bend it. At the field trip it was so fun. The smell of the wood smelled good. On the bus I was so hungry and tired. At the high school when we were building our bug house there were people hammering so it was very loud. The field trip was AWESOME!!!!! Everyone had a good time.
-Madeline and Aliegha

Here's a little video of our trip:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Ready for the Bug Boxes

Today on the agenda for the first thing it said bug boxes. We got some papers and we started writing down the names of Manitoba insects. We shared them all and wrote them down. After that we went on the computers and found some information about our bugs. After lunch recess we did some more about our bugs. After last recess we went back to the computer lab and did some more searching and we had to draw our bug and design our bug houses. My bug is a potato bug. -Taylor
Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to build our bug boxes. Tyson and me are partners and our insect is a spider. -Peyton
Today we drew our bugs and then we get to go to a field trip. -Sam
My bug is a painted lady and today Mrs. Malkoske ordered painted ladies and we are going on a field trip tomorrow and we're going to make lots of bug boxes. -Jadyn
Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to high school. We're taking the bus to high school. -Nick
We went to the lab two times. I typed in Google. I chose monarch butterfly. Tomorrow we're taking a bus to our field trip. -Cameron

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bird's Hill Park!

Today we took a trip to Bird's Hill Park... here are some pictures from our morning!

Today we went to Bird's Hill Park. Our bus was bus 11. When we got to Bird's Hill Park we took a path called Chickadee Trail. After we were done we had lunch and we heard a song. -Nick
When we were at Bird's Hill Park I was holding Sam's hand almost the full way. When we got back we ate lunch and the bathrooms were really funny. -Jadyn
I sat with Nick on the way there. On the way back I sat with Sam. Sam was really funny. When I said look the camera took a picture, he said, "Unbelieveable!" When we got off the bus we got to play for a while. The Chickadee was a huge circle. I got really tired. Before we went down the trail someone came and told us some things like there might be wild animals and you're not allowed to pick up the things you see because they could be really dirty. I found some things that were really interesting like curled trees and bushes with berries on them. -Rhianna
We ate bannock with jam and butter. We went on a hiking trail. My favourite part was when we went on the big hill. -Brandon
I found many little flowers. Lots of people found me some. I liked them all. On the beginning we had a little snack and then listened to the lady and we went on the Chickadee Trail. -Cameron

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Journey Day Number 2

Today we went to other classrooms and we went to the grade 2/3 first. Then we went to the grade 3/4. We went to the grade 1 room. -Nick
At the end of the day we had recess early. We came back in after early recess and got our passports. We went to the grade 5 classs. That was my brothers room but I wasnt in my brothers group.-Taylor
Today we had Journey's Fair and we went to classrooms. I had fun and we drew snowmobiles. -Kaspir
At the classrooms we made mukluks. We colored snowmobiles, we played a game with sleds, and we made a canoe. In the gym we pretended that we were on a dogsled. -Sydney R
Today we went to gym and we played a game of tug-o-war and it was fun. -Brandon
We went to visit classes and we went to a grade 1, 5, 6, 2/3 split. Everybody got a passport and they had to do a little picture of what we learned. In one class we got to play a game called Sleds and Ladders. We got to also go to learn about snowmobiles in one class. They can come in differnet sizes and shapes. -Rhianna

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Journeys Fair - Our Totem Pole Stories

Today was the first day of the Dr. Hamilton Journeys Fair.
Today we had classes come in to our room because we were showing our totem poles. - Nick
We showed our totem poles to the older kids. The older kids were nice. - Brandon
Today we had kids come into our class. First grade 2/3 came, then grade 1, grade 6 and 5 and then 3/4. I got tired of reading. -Jadyn
Today kids came to our class and the big kids came. I had a little break and I got to do a job for Mrs. Malkoske. - Cameron
It was lots of fun. I had to read to lots of people. It was getting tiring. Five classes came to our class. -Olivia
In the afternoon lots of classes came to our classroom. We had to read our totem poles a bunch of times. Just before the grade 3/4 class came, Madeline said "Hi I'm Madeline, I'm too scared to talk right now". Then I said it to one of the 3/4 kids. - Sydney R
We had animals on our totem poles that we thought we were. There was a story on the back that told about the animals that were about us. We wrote what was about us. -Ali
At the end of the day 5 classes came and we got to share our totem poles. Everybody had different animals. Most of the people had eagles. The eagle means love. My animals were eagles, salmon, turtle and horse. -Rhianna
Today we put our stories of the animals on the totem poles. -Sam
Today we had people come into our classroom. We all shared our totem poles. I shared mine to alot of people. -Sydney H
Today close to the end of the day there were lots of kids that came in. I had to do alot of reading. After all that reading was done I was pooped.-Rylee 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Fun!

My Dad came in the morning to read a book. It was called "Goodnight Gorilla". When I was little he used to read it all the time to me. There's a lot of picture. -Taylor
Today it was the first day of my Star of the Week. I brought my gecko in. All the people got to touch him in our class. His name is Bart. We grew crystals last week. -Tristan
When Tristan was handing Bart around, after Cameron already had his turn Bart kept jumping back on Cameron. Me and Madeline went on the new iPad and we did our word work on there. Everytime we did a letter it went ding ding and made sparkles. We were using the app Paint Sparkles. -Ali
Today Tristan brought his gecko in and he was a crested gecko. He was soft. -Kaspir
In the morning brought his pet gecko and Tristan held Bart upside down and he put Bart on his face. One of Bart's feet almost went in Tristan's mouth. -Sydney R
I got to hold Bart and he crawled up my arm and once jumped on me. He was soft and he is only two months old. His eyes were a bit big. -Rhianna
Today when Tristan brought Bart he brought him to the carpet and he jumped on me. Tristan meant to make him jump on me. -Cole
When I held Bart he climbed up my arm he was really soft and he was really smooth. -Sydney H
Today we took the crystals out of the thing that we put them in. When we took them out they looked like plants, like those bushes that things usually hide in. The bottom of the glass was all crystals. -Tyson
I got to use the iPad and Mrs. Malkoske and me we were playing a game and Mrs.Malkoske told me some letters and I had to make words. -Nick
Today I did word work on the iPad. My partner was Lindsay and we did Glow Colouring to do our words. I picked the colour blue. -Jadyn
Today I showed my horse and my pig house and we also coloured our totem pole. -Rylee
Today we got new iPads. I did word work. It was fun. -Cameron

Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday we made totem poles. Totem poles are those things that are carved out of wood. But the totem poles that we made were made out of paper. We had to put animals on our totem poles that is what the aboriginal people did. My animals were bear wolf bison deer and salmon. Bear means courage wolf means hummility bison means respect deer means honest and salmon means family. this week we also had faimly groups and at first I thoght it was going to be boring because it looked boring but it wasin't it was so fun. Acouple days ago we did calendar math. We went all the way to april. After that we had to put in the celebrations one of the celebrations we filled in was easter! We had family groups acouple days ago we had family groups because it was wear pink day. Pink day was so fun. - Cole and Tyson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Totem Poles

Today we made totem poles. We got to paint cardboard cylinders and we got to colour these animals that had lots of designs on them. Every animal is a thing like salmon is family and that was one of mine. Then we had to glue them on. -Cole
Today we did totem poles and my animals were eagle and coyote and bull salmon. -Nick
Today we did a project and it was totem poles. First we painted the totem pole and then coloured the animals that we picked that were like us. Then cut them out and we glued them on to our totem poles a
fter. -Brandon
Today we got to do some daily 5. It was fun. -Sam
Next week kids are going to come from different classes and we're going to talk to them about our totem poles. Then we're going to go to other classes and we're going to listen to them talk about what they did. -Kaspir
Mrs. Malkoske got some cylinders for us and Ms. Anderlic put our names on them and she called names over and the people who's names were called got to paint their cylinders. Ms. Anderlic got our animals and every person in the class got 5 or 4 animals. -Rhianna
Today I made a totem pole. Mine was great. -Cameron
Tomorrow we're going to write about our totem poles like about the animals we have on them. We are going to write about what they mean to us. -Madeline

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pledge Your Pink: Say NO to Bullying!

Today we went to family groups and we talked about bullying. Mr. Chan kept saying "Pledge Your Pink! Say NO to Bullying!" Then everybody had to shout it out. We watched two videos and then we talked a bit more and then we went to classrooms. Everybody got a pink piece of paper and you had to trace your hand a cut it out and write something on it. I wrote "I promise I will never bully someone and I will care." Then we went back to the gym and two people held the poster and shared what they wrote on their hand. Then we went back to class. -Rhianna
When we were done our hands everybody got bracelets that said "Say NO to bullying!" They are pink. Everybody in the school is supposed to wear pink today because in Junior High a boy was wearing pink and some other people teased him. That's why we had to wear pink today. -Sydney R
When I cut out my hand and it was done, I wrote "I promise to stand up." When I glued it to the paper I accidentally pulled my thumb off. -Ali

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Fun Day

At the end of the day Ms. Anderlic taught us how to make a calendar. We had to write the numbers inside and the things that are special but we only did four today. -Ashley
At the end of the day we did calendars. We filled in the holidays and there's all the months. -Peyton
At the end of the day we did some yoga. We did cat and the cow and we did the mountain. The mountain is when you put your toes together and your heels a little bit apart and put your hands by your sides and show your palms and take some deep breaths. We did the cat like how they stretch up. We did the cow it was kind of like you put your feet on the ground and look up and your back kind of almost goes like a ditch. Then we did the mountain again. -Taylor
Today there was a song on the computer it was the Days of the Week. -Sam
We did January, February, March and April. We had to fill in the holidays that were in the month and before we learned to make a calendar we watched a video. It taught us the days of the week and we sang along. -Madeline
Today we made a calendar. We only had time to do four pages, January, February, March and April.-Cameron
Today we listened to a song called the Days of the Week and we watched this video: -Brandon

Monday, April 9, 2012

Journeys and More!

Today we began working on our AAA Initiative Journey's project. This year our focus is on personal and physical journeys. Each classroom in our school will be talking and learning about journeys using totems and by studying a form of trasportation. Today we started by brainstorming a little bit about what a Journey is using Lino It to collect our thoughts. Later we'll go back and add to it. Here's our board:

We also watched the Harold Hatcher Seven Teachings Video. Here is a preview from YouTube:

In the video there was talking about all of the animals and what they represent. My animal was coyote and it represented trickster. -Tristan
I picked eagle because I wanted to. Eagle means love. -Nick
Today we watched a video and they were talking about seven animals. I was like the bear because I showed pictures in front of everybody in the class a lot and that takes courage. -Lindsay
In the video there were seven animals. There was an eagle, bison, bear, bigfoot, beaver, wolf and turtle and they all mean something. I had a lot of ones that were like me. Mrs. Malkoske made a different list of animals too. -Taylor
I picked a coyote and a turtle. The coyote is trickster and the turtle is truth. -Ali
We got to choose animals, which kind, then we wrote about it in our notebooks. -Sam
We got to pick our animals. I was the eagle because I love my family and I see things far away. -Kaspir
The video was made by children in a school not far away from ours. -Jolene
I hope that you decide to watch the video because it's really cool. -Rylee
I picked two animals. The first one is a squirrel because I like to get things done and I also like to collect shells at the beach. The other one I picked was a coyote because I like to trick my brother Griffin. The squirrel means gathering and the coyote means trickster. -Sydney R
I am like the eagle because I love my family. -Cam

Here is the list of animals and what they represent:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Blow Dryer!

Today we were doing a three little pigs design project. We've been learning about materials to build stuff. My partner was Cole and we built our house out of Lego. Ours didn't even move when the Big Bad Blow Dryer tried. -Tristan
We tested our houses and we put the pigs in them. After recess we tried to blow them down. One of the roofs came off. -Kaspir
We were doing houses. My house blowed down because we should of put glue on it so it couldn't blow down. -Nick
My house was made out of cardboard, paper and tape. My partner was Rhianna. -Lindsay
My house was out of cubes and it didn't fall or move or break apart. My partner was Kaspir. -Sam
When I built my house I kept breaking it. It was really hard to keep it up because it was made of place value blocks. -Ali
At choice time I didn't get to play because I didn't finish building my house. It kept on breaking down. So I was working on it. -Jolene

At the end of the day we put on a puppet show of the Three Little Pigs. Rylee brought the pigs and she got them from her trip. Kendall was the Big Bad Wolf. At the end she said, "Wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home." Sydney R talked out all the words. Rylee did Bobby and Freddy and Sydney H did the mommy pig and Angel. -Kendall, Sydney R, Sydney H and Rylee
I didn't go to the puppet show because I was making an easter egg but I still listened because the microphone was really loud. I thought it was a awesome show but I was too busy. -Rhianna

Today was another great day in room 9! I love when the children in our classroom use their choice time to take the opportunity to continue or expand on an idea we've been working on. Today was a great example of that. Have a great long weekend everyone! -Mrs. Malkoske

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunnies and More

Today we had a subistute and at the end of the day we had computer lab and I had lots of fun.- Kaspir
Today in computer lab I did 2 blog posts. You could have done a wordle but I did not. In the computer lab I sat beside Cole. When we checked the eagles today there was a fly on the eagles back feather. In gym we learned how to play 4 square. There were 5 people in each square and there were 4 squares. -Peyton
This morning I got to show my pictures. Alot of people laughed. In the morning we wrote what we would do if we were a bunny. Then we had to trace and cut out the bunny paws, head and feet. - Syndey R
Today we had a subistute. Her name is Mrs. McAuley and she is very nice. Ms. Anderlic showed us how to make a bunny. First we made a rough copy and then we put it on a piece of paper and then glued a pink piece of paper to put on the back. We glued the head, paws and feet on the piece of paper. We got to color the words and the bunny. -Ashley
Today my favourite part was making the bunnies because it is my favourite animal and you get to think what your going to do if you were a bunny. We played bunnies at recess and we pretended that there were eagles trying to catch us. -Cameron
At recess we played hockey. Most of the boys played hockey and most of the girls played ringette. We won 3-2. - Tristan

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eagle Eyes!

Today after lunch and at the end of the day we checked out the eagles again. We saw him feeding the eaglets and we saw a dead fish. Yesterday we saw a dead rabbit. We went on a site that tells you what a male and a female eagle are like. The female is bigger than the male but usually it's the male being bigger with other animals. -Tristan
Today the Mom or the Dad moved and I saw the chicks. -Nick
The baby eagles are cute. They are white. -Cameron
Today Mrs. Malkoske at the end of the day, she put on the eaglets and we are watching them right now. The big eagle is right in front of the camera so we can't see the baby eaglets. -Kaspir
When we were watching the eagles one of the little eaglets was on the side of the nest and the other two were with the mom or the dad. The mom or the dad moved over and we got to see all the eaglets. -Sydney R
One of the mom or the dad was picking up stuff and digging a hole in the nest. -Sam
The little eaglets were laying down and up playing a little bit. One of the little eaglets is very small and cute. They are white and grey. -Taylor
We can't tell if it's the mom or dad. The mom is bigger. -Peyton
We are watching the eagles and right now the eagle is making a hole and the babies are waiting to see what she's doing. Before she was feeding the babies and now she made a hole for the babies to go in. Now she's on top of them because it got windy again. They can still breathe because it's not all on them. -Ashley
We watched the Ustream of eagles and before the baby eaglet was not really close to the mom. He tried to hop back but he kept falling. -Jadyn
The eagles nests are really, really big and the bald eagles that are the mom and dad are white and black. -Rhianna

Monday, April 2, 2012

The First Day Back After Spring Break!

Today at the start of the day we had library. Lots of people forgot their books in our classroom but lots of them came back to the library. I got Lizards and Dragons. -Tristan
Mrs. DeBruyn said we're doing something new. If the book is good we get to put a sticker in it and a sticky note on it and write something on it. Then we put it on a shelf so other people can see that it's good. -Jadyn
You can put a happy sticker on it of different colours inside the book so you know you like it. Then when you like it you put a sticky heart on the first page. -Sam
In library there were animals. After we got to pick our books we picked an animal. I didn't pick one. I got two books. -Taylor
At library there's a game that's called word scramble. A person has to guess the word on the board and when they guess the word Mrs. DeBruyn will put a new word. Today at the library I picked two books when we were sitting down to read. I like both of them so much so I asked if I could put both of them on the shelf. -Rhianna
Today we did Daily 5. We did Work on Writing the whole time. I was with Mrs. Green because Mrs. Green picked me. -Nick

Welcome back room 9 families! It is so good to see all the smiling sun tanned faces.
The kids were eager to share their spring break stories and we let them do so by writing about it during daily 5. As part of my block I will be teaching about begining, middle and end and I thought a good way to start this off would be by having the children write about their spring break using this format. I introduced terms that indicate the beginning, middle and end of a story and I was so pleased to hear the children using them. I am excited to be back for a month and can't wait to see what the days ahead will bring. -Ms.Anderlic