Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Journeys Fair - Our Totem Pole Stories

Today was the first day of the Dr. Hamilton Journeys Fair.
Today we had classes come in to our room because we were showing our totem poles. - Nick
We showed our totem poles to the older kids. The older kids were nice. - Brandon
Today we had kids come into our class. First grade 2/3 came, then grade 1, grade 6 and 5 and then 3/4. I got tired of reading. -Jadyn
Today kids came to our class and the big kids came. I had a little break and I got to do a job for Mrs. Malkoske. - Cameron
It was lots of fun. I had to read to lots of people. It was getting tiring. Five classes came to our class. -Olivia
In the afternoon lots of classes came to our classroom. We had to read our totem poles a bunch of times. Just before the grade 3/4 class came, Madeline said "Hi I'm Madeline, I'm too scared to talk right now". Then I said it to one of the 3/4 kids. - Sydney R
We had animals on our totem poles that we thought we were. There was a story on the back that told about the animals that were about us. We wrote what was about us. -Ali
At the end of the day 5 classes came and we got to share our totem poles. Everybody had different animals. Most of the people had eagles. The eagle means love. My animals were eagles, salmon, turtle and horse. -Rhianna
Today we put our stories of the animals on the totem poles. -Sam
Today we had people come into our classroom. We all shared our totem poles. I shared mine to alot of people. -Sydney H
Today close to the end of the day there were lots of kids that came in. I had to do alot of reading. After all that reading was done I was pooped.-Rylee 

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Malkoske's class !

I read your blog's every day and I was particularly interested in today's postings as I was able to see the totem poles you have been working on. They look great......good job!

As you already know, I am Mrs. Malkoske's dad (and you can call me "Gigi") and she always tells me what you are doing at school. She told me you had a greco at school yesterday....that sure must have been fun. I have never seen a real one....only the ones you see on cartoons on television.

Did Mrs. Malkoske bring the fish back to your room yet? I was looking after your fish, your stick bugs and the worms during the Spring Break. I understand that one of you got to take the frogs home during Spring Break. I like frogs better than bugs and worms.....fish are okay too.

Enjoy Dr. Hamilton Journeys Fair this week !

Keep up the fantastic work you do and continue to have fun at school....