Thursday, April 12, 2012

Totem Poles

Today we made totem poles. We got to paint cardboard cylinders and we got to colour these animals that had lots of designs on them. Every animal is a thing like salmon is family and that was one of mine. Then we had to glue them on. -Cole
Today we did totem poles and my animals were eagle and coyote and bull salmon. -Nick
Today we did a project and it was totem poles. First we painted the totem pole and then coloured the animals that we picked that were like us. Then cut them out and we glued them on to our totem poles a
fter. -Brandon
Today we got to do some daily 5. It was fun. -Sam
Next week kids are going to come from different classes and we're going to talk to them about our totem poles. Then we're going to go to other classes and we're going to listen to them talk about what they did. -Kaspir
Mrs. Malkoske got some cylinders for us and Ms. Anderlic put our names on them and she called names over and the people who's names were called got to paint their cylinders. Ms. Anderlic got our animals and every person in the class got 5 or 4 animals. -Rhianna
Today I made a totem pole. Mine was great. -Cameron
Tomorrow we're going to write about our totem poles like about the animals we have on them. We are going to write about what they mean to us. -Madeline


Anonymous said...

I think your totem poles are super amazing! Very creative, kids! I especially liked learning through Kendall what the different animals mean! I'm wondering, was there one animal that everyone had or could relate to? I look forward to spending some time with you in your class tomorrow! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hope to see some of you at Run Club in the morning! Mrs. Barnes

Anonymous said...

Cool!I like them too!(jadyn)