Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Ready for the Bug Boxes

Today on the agenda for the first thing it said bug boxes. We got some papers and we started writing down the names of Manitoba insects. We shared them all and wrote them down. After that we went on the computers and found some information about our bugs. After lunch recess we did some more about our bugs. After last recess we went back to the computer lab and did some more searching and we had to draw our bug and design our bug houses. My bug is a potato bug. -Taylor
Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to build our bug boxes. Tyson and me are partners and our insect is a spider. -Peyton
Today we drew our bugs and then we get to go to a field trip. -Sam
My bug is a painted lady and today Mrs. Malkoske ordered painted ladies and we are going on a field trip tomorrow and we're going to make lots of bug boxes. -Jadyn
Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to high school. We're taking the bus to high school. -Nick
We went to the lab two times. I typed in Google. I chose monarch butterfly. Tomorrow we're taking a bus to our field trip. -Cameron

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