Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Blow Dryer!

Today we were doing a three little pigs design project. We've been learning about materials to build stuff. My partner was Cole and we built our house out of Lego. Ours didn't even move when the Big Bad Blow Dryer tried. -Tristan
We tested our houses and we put the pigs in them. After recess we tried to blow them down. One of the roofs came off. -Kaspir
We were doing houses. My house blowed down because we should of put glue on it so it couldn't blow down. -Nick
My house was made out of cardboard, paper and tape. My partner was Rhianna. -Lindsay
My house was out of cubes and it didn't fall or move or break apart. My partner was Kaspir. -Sam
When I built my house I kept breaking it. It was really hard to keep it up because it was made of place value blocks. -Ali
At choice time I didn't get to play because I didn't finish building my house. It kept on breaking down. So I was working on it. -Jolene

At the end of the day we put on a puppet show of the Three Little Pigs. Rylee brought the pigs and she got them from her trip. Kendall was the Big Bad Wolf. At the end she said, "Wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home." Sydney R talked out all the words. Rylee did Bobby and Freddy and Sydney H did the mommy pig and Angel. -Kendall, Sydney R, Sydney H and Rylee
I didn't go to the puppet show because I was making an easter egg but I still listened because the microphone was really loud. I thought it was a awesome show but I was too busy. -Rhianna

Today was another great day in room 9! I love when the children in our classroom use their choice time to take the opportunity to continue or expand on an idea we've been working on. Today was a great example of that. Have a great long weekend everyone! -Mrs. Malkoske

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Anonymous said...

Kendall - you make a cute wolf!!! Looks like you all had a fun time putting on the puppet show! :) Looks to me like there are so many awesome days in Room 9! I so love being able to keep up to speed by visiting the blog! Mrs. Barnes