Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Fun Day

At the end of the day Ms. Anderlic taught us how to make a calendar. We had to write the numbers inside and the things that are special but we only did four today. -Ashley
At the end of the day we did calendars. We filled in the holidays and there's all the months. -Peyton
At the end of the day we did some yoga. We did cat and the cow and we did the mountain. The mountain is when you put your toes together and your heels a little bit apart and put your hands by your sides and show your palms and take some deep breaths. We did the cat like how they stretch up. We did the cow it was kind of like you put your feet on the ground and look up and your back kind of almost goes like a ditch. Then we did the mountain again. -Taylor
Today there was a song on the computer it was the Days of the Week. -Sam
We did January, February, March and April. We had to fill in the holidays that were in the month and before we learned to make a calendar we watched a video. It taught us the days of the week and we sang along. -Madeline
Today we made a calendar. We only had time to do four pages, January, February, March and April.-Cameron
Today we listened to a song called the Days of the Week and we watched this video: -Brandon

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love the song (jadyn)