Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pledge Your Pink: Say NO to Bullying!

Today we went to family groups and we talked about bullying. Mr. Chan kept saying "Pledge Your Pink! Say NO to Bullying!" Then everybody had to shout it out. We watched two videos and then we talked a bit more and then we went to classrooms. Everybody got a pink piece of paper and you had to trace your hand a cut it out and write something on it. I wrote "I promise I will never bully someone and I will care." Then we went back to the gym and two people held the poster and shared what they wrote on their hand. Then we went back to class. -Rhianna
When we were done our hands everybody got bracelets that said "Say NO to bullying!" They are pink. Everybody in the school is supposed to wear pink today because in Junior High a boy was wearing pink and some other people teased him. That's why we had to wear pink today. -Sydney R
When I cut out my hand and it was done, I wrote "I promise to stand up." When I glued it to the paper I accidentally pulled my thumb off. -Ali

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Anonymous said...

Love this! No harm can be done by learning to be a better friend and to not bully others and to stick up for your friends if they are being bullied! It was fun to see all the "pink" at the assembly!!! Keep up the good work, Room 9!!!

Mrs. Barnes (Kendall's Mom)