Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Busy Wednesday!

Today Tyson brought his shark because he was the Star of the Week. It was a real shark. It was a baby shark. It was in a container that was filled with formaldehyde. -Aaron
Today Tyson was Star of the Week. His Mom read us 2 stories. They were really good. -Brandon
At the end of the day we did yoga. We watched the video of breathing. We learned the tree and the dog. It was fun because we got to do two. I liked the dog because it's my favourite animal. It was kind of a funny pose. -Ashley
Today we did yoga. It was very short. It was hard to balance. -Sam
Today I lost my tooth. It was on the bottom. It was very loose. I pulled it out when the bell rang. I told Mrs. Malkoske it came out. Ms. Anderlic gave me a bag. -Nick
Today throughout the day we went to music and at music I got a dragonfly for using nice words and Nicholas did too. -Rhianna
Today we finished our calendar and we watched a little yoga. The hard part is standing on one foot. Someone petted the dog in the movie. -Cameron
Tyson brought his shark and I think it was a tiger one. His eyes looked funny. -Peyton
Today we had inquiry and we were working on animals. The categories were reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and fish. We didn't learn a lot about them but I learned some stuff I didn't know before like reptiles are cold blooded. Usually if you have them as a pet you need a heater for them. We Googled a couple of things. Ms. Anderlic handed out pieces of paper with animals on it. Mine was a whale. The whale was in the category of mammal. -Tristan
Today we learned that dophins are mammals instead of fish because they go up above water so they can breathe. They can't stay under water like fish. They drink milk from their mother and they curl their tongue like a straw and zipper. -Jadyn
Today during Daily 5, when I did read to someone with Sydney H, I tried my very first chapter book. It was Baby Mouse. -Rylee
Today at the end of the day we did yoga. -Kaspir

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Anonymous said...

I just showed this blog to my class of grade 8's. We really liked watching the vimeos and my kids thought you looked really sweet. They loved the OK book. Did you guys read a book like that? Thank you for letting me come to your class yesterday. You were all so well behaved and I loved being in your classroom. It is such a fun room! See you all soon.
From Ty's mom and her class :)