Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sharing Portfolios

Today we shared our portfolios with our learning buddies and they shared to us. -Carter
Our learning buddies shared thier portfolios after ours. And in our portfolios we had to tell them about it and after we shared, they left a kind compliment. The grade 3/4s shared their portfolios and they told us about thier portfolios. We left them a kind compliment. -Rhianna
Our learning buddies had some of the same things in their portfolios as ours. They shared it and after we read a book. -Nick
This afternoon we shared our portfolios with grades 1 and 2. We had different things in our portfolios but we also had some of the same. We both had the Writing Continuum. -Kaelan
The grade one and twos left us a compliment on our compliment sheet and we did too. -Emma
We had to share our things. We shared our word work stuff and listen to reading and our work on writing notebooks. We also shared our home reading baskets. -Sofia
For the last two periods we shared our portfolios and my partner was Elly. She spoke clearly so I could hear her. -Jess
Last week we started to put together our portfolios and some of them had a piece of paper in the front so we had to take it out and throw it in the recycling. -Reegan
After last recess we went to our learning buddies and we had to share our portfolio after they shared theirs. I felt that Carter spoke clearly. His writing was neat. -Matthew

Friday, November 23, 2012


We practices  the christmas concert.this is  Ellys first  Chritmas Concert. I hope it is fun.yesterday  the kids of Room 9 played a brain game. we played 3  brain games.We had  fun.We are working on our  portfolios. -Rylee & Elly

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Brain Game!

Today we played the brain game and it was fun. One of the games was we had to go and get stuff that was biggest to smallest and Cam got the pea pod and I got the tiniest things. It was a poppyseed. -Elly
Today we played two brain games. One of them was kind of like Guess Who. The other one was biggest to smallest. I got one of the word work materials and after, other people had to get smaller things. -Rhianna
After lunch recess we played three brain games. The first one was one person had to think of 4 sounds like clapping and snapping. Then we went around the circle and we all had to do the same. We could only do it after the person on the left side of us did it. -Syd
I liked the biggest to smallest because first you had to get a bigger thing and then you had to get a littel smaller thing. -Nick

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We are learning about responsibility at home, at school, and in my community. We finished our papers today. We told about what we do at home like cleaning up our room or listening to mom and dad. -Nick
We've been learning about communities. Yesterday we wrote down what we're responsible for at home and at school. When we did the at school one, we had to do it with a partner. Today we finished the rest. We had to do "in my community" and what you're responsible for in the community and we did it with our table group. -Syd
On Monday we started working with Mrs. Klaussen. We were doing stuff about communities. We made a list of the things we see in our community. We did attractions and she told us to answer what the two rivers were. The two rivers were Assiniboine River and Red River. We did a Kid Blog about community. Mrs. Malkoske made a list and we wrote about all of it. -Rhianna


Yesterday we started to do our surveys. Today we're asking the questions. -Ella
We had to tell our names and write it down on a piece of paper. We stood on a stool to spell our names. -Sam
The list is for asking questions so that we keep track of who we've asked. We did surveys last year and it was the same book except we didn't stand on the stool. -Rylee
The different kinds of questions were Yes or No and What's Your Favourite? Everybody's question was yes/no questions. The questions started with:

Do you like...?
Do you have...?
Do you want...?
Do you need...?
Do you play...?

Some people did other kinds and some did the same. -Rhianna
Yesterday we wrote all the names in boxes for the survey. Today we're going to use the list to see who we've asked and who we didn't ask. I think it's going to be fun. -Syd

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bag Up Manitoba Results and Snowflakes!

Today we found out the  Bag Up Manitoba results. The bag up total for the winning school was over 42 000 bags! The school's name was Victor Wyatt. Click on the link above to read about all of the winning schools! -Elly
On Thursday we made snowflakes with pattern blocks. They have six sides that are the same. It was fun! -Karys
We made a project. We made snowflakes out of blocks. I think it was pretty fun. -Sam
All the snowflakes are the same. They are symmetrical. It means they have the same sides. -Jonathan
On Monday we made our snowflakes out of paper and blocks with our learning buddies. It was a really fun day. -Nick
 I made a snowflake with my buddy. The first time it didn't work because it only looked like it had 5 sides. So we tried again and this time it was pointy and then Mrs. Kosolowski took a picture when we finished. They said switch and we made paper snowflakes and the paper snowflakes were trickier. My snowflake had triangles and rectangles and tiny squares. It was fun. -Rhianna

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Plasticine People

Today in the library Mrs. Malkoske and Mrs. Oddy were helping us do our eyes. We did our colour eyes, nose, pupil and eyebrows. We finished our hair. We did our shirts. -Nick
I did my skirt and my tights and my face. I had eyelids, eyes and a mouth. I felt really good. -Ella
Today we did our plasticine art and Mrs. Malkoske was sitting at the brown table with their eyes and mouths. I had a fantastic day. -Kaspir
Today we worked on our plasticine people. We were going to do it yesterday but we didn't have much time so we did it this morning. Some of the girls got to stay in for recess to put on their noses and finish up thier faces. In the library, everybody else finished up. -Syd
Today I did my mouth, and my eyes, and my lips. -Kayla

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Remembrance Day Assembly

The Peace Book Final Cut from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

Today was the Remembrance Day assembly. Mrs. Ziprick was playing the piano. We all got a sticker poppy. -Nick
We went to the gym and there was someone playing the trumpet. We sang O Canada in the gym. -Kaspir
We showed our video of what peace looks like to us. -Reegan
Two of our girls, Sydney and Rhianna, went up to explain our video about The Peace Book. Two of our boys, Cayden and Carter, carried our wreath and laid it down on the ground. They all rocked. -Rylee
They played lots of videos and there was some reading. All of them were very peaceful and I liked them because it reminds me of peace. I thought the assembly was awesome. -Rhianna
At the Remembrance Day assembly, me and Rhianna had to go up and introduce the book to everybody. It was embarassing. -Sydney
The 3s and 4s sang two songs to everyone in the gym. -Ella

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Humans

Today we started with our person. We used plasiticine to make our shirts and we had to make it flat. We had to make the head and neck. -Nick
Today we started our people made out of plasticine. I had to mix yellow and light green for a really, really long time. -Syd
Yesterday when my mom was here we had to mix colours together to make the right skin colour and today we are working on the bodies. -Reegan

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our New Pets

A little while ago we got hermit crabs, a new fish, and stick bug eggs. Me and Cameron are doing pets as a job and sometimes I stay in for recess because I get to change the crabs food and water. Today I got to do that and I also got to put new lettuce for the stick bugs. -Sydney
Our pet's names are Sassy, (fighting fish) Shelly and Joe (hermit crabs), and Fred and Bob (frogs). The frogs eat pellets. The hermit crabs eat crackers, carrots, and celery and they drink water. -Ella
The hemit crabs drink from a sponge. -Sofia
The stick bugs eat lettuce. -Sam
One day one of our hermit crabs died. It's name was friendly. It fell apart. It's hands and legs broke off some how. -Reegan
It might have had some disease. If one of our grade 2ers do PIP on hermit crabs, we might find out why. Maybe it didn't really want to eat or maybe it got in a fight with another crab. We don't know for sure. -Rylee
We have baby stick bugs and they don't have names yet. -Kaspir
When we were thinking of names, we had a vote. Whatever name had the most, wins. I really like the name Sassy. -Nick
We have two frogs, two crabs, eighteen stickbugs and one fish. All those equal twenty three. -Rhianna
At my old school we had a pet. It was a hermit crab. We let him crawl around on the carpet and there was a bush in the cage and he would dig a hole under it. My teacher had to try and find the hermit crab. It was kind of hard. -Elly


We are learning about communities in our classroom. This is a chart that we made in our classroom. All the people got groups and they got a big piece of chart paper. They got a smelly marker and they had to write about the parts of the community. -Elly
We shared our charts and we did this chart on the computer. Everybody got to put at least one or two ideas on there. -Rhianna

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Manitoba Museum

Today in the morning we went on our buses to the Manitoba Museum. First we saw a community map and we had to put some magnets on it. -Nick
Everybody got to put some on. There were tipis, a school, houses, stores, Assiniboine River, and Red River. - Elly
We learned somethings about houses and schools and hospitals. It was pretty fun. -Sam
We went to the city. There was a whole bunch of different things like a sewing shop, the office for the sewing shop, drug store, a hotel, and the church. -Kaspir
We went to the theatre, the restaurant, train tracks, a park, and the chinese laundry. -Andy
Then we went on the boat, the Nonsuch. You had to climb down backwards and no touching the ropes. I liked the downstairs. -Karys
Mrs. Scalesi told us the Nonsuch was supposed to be haunted. -Jonathan
There was lots of ropes on the Nonsuch. -Sofia
After we toured around upstairs of the museum we went downstairs to the science gallery. There were three little fish tanks. One had two turtles in it. It was awesome. -Sydney
While we were by the ship, my group went upstairs into the cottages and we saw little beds for the people who wash the dock. -Ella
When we were in the olden days we went into this little thing. We saw this man driling a hole in the kid's tooth. That was his little office and he lived there. -Cali
In the science gallery there was a ball and you pressed a button and there was air coming out and it pushed in the air. There was also a racing section. You got to build a car if you wanted. There were four that were already made and two kids I saw they made their own. They were really cool. -Rhianna
At the Science Gallery there were little booties and you had to wear them to go into the Matrix. It was really cool. It looks like you'll just go right through, but it's actually small like the bathroom. -Rylee