Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sharing Portfolios

Today we shared our portfolios with our learning buddies and they shared to us. -Carter
Our learning buddies shared thier portfolios after ours. And in our portfolios we had to tell them about it and after we shared, they left a kind compliment. The grade 3/4s shared their portfolios and they told us about thier portfolios. We left them a kind compliment. -Rhianna
Our learning buddies had some of the same things in their portfolios as ours. They shared it and after we read a book. -Nick
This afternoon we shared our portfolios with grades 1 and 2. We had different things in our portfolios but we also had some of the same. We both had the Writing Continuum. -Kaelan
The grade one and twos left us a compliment on our compliment sheet and we did too. -Emma
We had to share our things. We shared our word work stuff and listen to reading and our work on writing notebooks. We also shared our home reading baskets. -Sofia
For the last two periods we shared our portfolios and my partner was Elly. She spoke clearly so I could hear her. -Jess
Last week we started to put together our portfolios and some of them had a piece of paper in the front so we had to take it out and throw it in the recycling. -Reegan
After last recess we went to our learning buddies and we had to share our portfolio after they shared theirs. I felt that Carter spoke clearly. His writing was neat. -Matthew

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