Thursday, November 8, 2012

Remembrance Day Assembly

The Peace Book Final Cut from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

Today was the Remembrance Day assembly. Mrs. Ziprick was playing the piano. We all got a sticker poppy. -Nick
We went to the gym and there was someone playing the trumpet. We sang O Canada in the gym. -Kaspir
We showed our video of what peace looks like to us. -Reegan
Two of our girls, Sydney and Rhianna, went up to explain our video about The Peace Book. Two of our boys, Cayden and Carter, carried our wreath and laid it down on the ground. They all rocked. -Rylee
They played lots of videos and there was some reading. All of them were very peaceful and I liked them because it reminds me of peace. I thought the assembly was awesome. -Rhianna
At the Remembrance Day assembly, me and Rhianna had to go up and introduce the book to everybody. It was embarassing. -Sydney
The 3s and 4s sang two songs to everyone in the gym. -Ella


T. Oddy said...

Hi Room 9!!
Your video presentation at the assembly yesterday was AWESOME. I loved watching all the pictures you made and hearing your beautiful voices describe what peace means to you. I can see that Todd Parr inspired your drawings. You ALL are so TALENTED!
Thank you for sharing with us. Love, Mrs. Oddy

Anonymous said...

I like the video AWESOME ELLY