Monday, November 5, 2012

Our New Pets

A little while ago we got hermit crabs, a new fish, and stick bug eggs. Me and Cameron are doing pets as a job and sometimes I stay in for recess because I get to change the crabs food and water. Today I got to do that and I also got to put new lettuce for the stick bugs. -Sydney
Our pet's names are Sassy, (fighting fish) Shelly and Joe (hermit crabs), and Fred and Bob (frogs). The frogs eat pellets. The hermit crabs eat crackers, carrots, and celery and they drink water. -Ella
The hemit crabs drink from a sponge. -Sofia
The stick bugs eat lettuce. -Sam
One day one of our hermit crabs died. It's name was friendly. It fell apart. It's hands and legs broke off some how. -Reegan
It might have had some disease. If one of our grade 2ers do PIP on hermit crabs, we might find out why. Maybe it didn't really want to eat or maybe it got in a fight with another crab. We don't know for sure. -Rylee
We have baby stick bugs and they don't have names yet. -Kaspir
When we were thinking of names, we had a vote. Whatever name had the most, wins. I really like the name Sassy. -Nick
We have two frogs, two crabs, eighteen stickbugs and one fish. All those equal twenty three. -Rhianna
At my old school we had a pet. It was a hermit crab. We let him crawl around on the carpet and there was a bush in the cage and he would dig a hole under it. My teacher had to try and find the hermit crab. It was kind of hard. -Elly

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Mrs. Rarog said...

Wow! You guys sure have a lot of pets. I like Sassy the best, she is beautiful.