Friday, March 28, 2014

See you later!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring Break! We are so excited! One of our teachers is leaving so we made him a book. His name is Mr. Sobie. He is our substitute gym teacher. -Dylan W

We said goodbye to Mr. Lapage. He is our student teacher and we made him a book. We will see him in a month. I can't wait to see him because then we can read together. I miss him already. -Cole

Today we had a little party since it's the day before Spring Break. We made pita pockets and I put cheese and pretzels in mine. We got ice cream after. There were two kinds - cookies and cream and vanilla. I picked vanilla. -Karys

I made a picture for Mr. Lapage and Mr. Sobie. For Mr. Sobie's picture I had to miss a little bit of recess. -Jackson

I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing Spring Break! Many of the children in our class are travelling to warmer places... I hope that they bring some sunshine back with them! -Ms. Clarke

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen - Cooking in Room 9!

We got our own personal cookbooks so then we started making things like lemonade, bugs on a log, smoothies, and yogurt pops. We're making bannock today. -Jonathan

We are cooking because we are learning about growing up healthy. The food groups we have been learning about are Grain Products, Milk Products, Meat and Alternatives, and Fruits and Vegetables. -Carter

Yesterday we made Yogurt Pops and I got to cut the bananas. We have groups that we're in. -Nick

You have to wash your hands befor you do anything. You have to put everything in the garbage that's garbage. You have to wash all the fruits and veggies before you use them. Don't put your hands in your mouth or touch your face. -Cole

We need to wear an apron when we cook just in case we get stuff on us. When it was the boys group turn, we were making smoothies, and when me and Gavin made our smoothies, our smoothie tipped over and spilled all over the place. My apron saved me. -Matt D

When your group is done making the food, two people have to go and wash the dishes. Each group takes turns and if you are washing a cup, you have to get the cloth in the cup. -Sofia

Here is our favourite recipe so far: Yogurt Pops
1. Take a big container of yogurt and put it in the blender.
2. Chop up 2 bananas, and put them in too.
3. Then put a tablespoon of honey in too.
4. Then blend it up.
5. Then pour it into Dixie cups, cover them with tin foil, and stick a popsicle stick in the cup.
6. Freeze them over night.
7. Enjoy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Duct Tape Boats!

At the beginning of March we started to build Duct Tape Boats. First we watched a video of Myth Busters. They made a sailboat only using Duct Tape and metal bars. Here it is:

Then we watched another video and then we started to plan. We had to draw a picture with our group on a practice piece of paper. Then we picked an animal to ride in our boat. Then we started to build our boat the next week. -Cole

First we build the frame. Then we covered them in duct tape. Then we put a sail or a propeller on them. Then we put fancy duct tape on them. We could only use cardboard, popsicle sticks, wire, a rubber band, duct tape, pipe cleaners, skewers, and hot glue. -Jonathan

We tested our boats after we were done everything. One of the boats had a leak. We tested them in our water table. We are going to put them in the puddles when all the snow melts. -Dylan W