Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#eduphotoaday Photography Challenge!

This month our class is participating in a photography and creative writing project called #eduphotoaday. Classes from all over the city, province, country and world are playing along too. Every day we'll take a picture to represent the word or phrase for the day. For example, tomorrow is May 1 so we will take a photo that represents the word "us". We'll look at what other classrooms post to instagram and use thier photos as ideas for writing... Stay tuned to see our photos and read our writing!
-The kids of Room 9
PS- If you are on instagram and would like to follow us, our Instagram name is @200awesomedays!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pay It Forward Day!

Today is Pay It Forward Day! Here are some ways that you can pay forward kindness:
1. Share stuff that you're using
2. Listen to people when they talk to you
3. Pay for someone's coffee
4. Say please and thank you
5. Include people that look lonely
6. Give something to someone when they need it (like getting someone's notebook for them)
7. Say "Hi" to people
8. Help a friend
9. Share a table
10. SMILE :)
11. Help someone look for something they need
12. Open the door for someone
13. Help someone who is hurt  (like get them ice)
14. If someone is bored, include them
15. Push in someone's chair for them
16. Use put ups
17. Wash the dishes for your Mom
18. Rake the leaves for your parents
19. Give someone a hug!
20. Take care of someone
21. Do the laundry for your Mom
22. Say "Good morning" to someone

Our challenge to you is to see how many things you can do to Pay It Forward today! Leave a comment to share what you did!

Here's a link to the Pay It Forward Day website... there are lots more ideas there!

Here is the music video for the song "Send It On"... a perfect song for today!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

18 Things You Can Do to Help the Earth!

Recycle! -Karys
Don't litter! -Sofia
Clean up trash! -Kayla
Use both sides of the paper. -Ella
Save electicity by turning off the lights and closing the fridge. -Syd
Be nice to the worms. -Rylee
Save your left overs. -Elly
Don't cut down the trees. -Rhianna
Turn off the faucet. -Carter
Be nice to animals. -Brandon
Plant trees. -Cali
Use bikes not cars. -Kaspir
Reuse stuff that you can make crafts with. -Reegan
Give your old clothes to someone else younger. -Nick
Compost! -Jonathan
Turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth! -Cayden
Bring your own bags to the store. -Alexander
Feed the birds in the winter. -Cam

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're Famous! :)

Here are some videos and links from the launch of Education Week in our classroom!

Here's a link to the River East Transcona School Divsion website. You can read an article about us!

Here's a link to the Manitoba Education website. You can read another article about the launch of Education Week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Education Week Launch!

Today we had 25 visitors to our classroom to do there presentation. They were so happy to be here. -Rhianna
Today a bunch of people came to the classroom. They took a million of pictures and they made some speeches. -Sydney
The visitors had video cameras. They took some pictures. The pictures might be in the newspaper and on some websites. -Kayla
After the speeches we came to the carpet and the visitors watched. We got our paper for our animals and my partner was Jonathan. Our animal was lizards. Me and Jonathan were on the computer and a lady was taking a picture of us. This other lady was asking about what our animal was. We were looking up lizards and she was a very nice lady to us. I kind of had fun doing it. -Nick
After the visitors left Mrs. Malkoske poured us some apple juice and gave us two cookies to eat and when we were done eating we put our cups beside the sink. -Reegan
Mr. Job from the Manitoba Teachers' Society gave us some books for letting the visitors come. Two were Robert Munsch books and one wasn't. The other one was called "The Hug". -Karys
There was a big poster in the classroom and I didn't know what it was for. The person in the picture is Nancy Allan. She's the Minister of Education. -Elly

Today was a very busy day in Room 9! The children and I welcomed a lot of visitors into our room to help launch Education Week in Manitoba. They counted 25 adults "wearing a lot of suits" :) Our guests were from many different associations and groups connected to Education in Manitoba. There were a few photographers there as well and as soon as I know where our story can be found, I'll post links here.

As always, the kids did a wonderful job of making our visitors feel welcome and sharing their learning with them. They showed our guests a little glipse of how we work in our classroom as the kids began researching for their next book. They showed how they use books, computers, iPads and other devices to search for information and share thier learning... and they were AWESOME!

This morning I was asked to talk a little bit about Education Week and some of the things we do in our classroom on CJOB radio. Here is a clip of Hal Anderson and I talking about Room 9:

My Dad heard the radio spot and immediately emailed Hal Anderson because he's a proud Dad. Hal then shared the email on air during the wrap up for the show! Here's the clip:

Today was a big day for kids, our school, myself and many teachers around the province. This week we get to celebrate what we do... the BEST job in the world!
-Ms. Malkoske

Friday, April 12, 2013


On monday a few people are going to come in with cameras. We are going to be on tv or radio.  The poeple that are coming are going to interveiw us and we're going to FAMOUS! After they come we are going to celebrate. But during when they are here we also have to talk if they ask us. The girls will probably be a little bit fancy with clothes and there hair. we will be embaresed to speek and to go on tv or radio. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So embaresing. I'm going to scream on monday morning but I'm still a bit excited. -Sydney, Rhianna and Elly

Mr. Barkman is the boss of the school division. There is also another boss that's like his boss. Her name is Mrs. Allan. She's the boss of all the schools in Manitoba. Mr. Gould is coming. He is a vice president of Manitoba Teacher's Society. That's pretty cool. -Elly

They are going to have a table set up and they are going to give a speech. Then we are going to show them how we do Daily 5 and our blog. We're going to be working on our new book that we're making. We'll use the iPad, the laptops and notebooks. -Kaspir

While they are here doing their speeches, we'll listen to them. Then we'll work on Daily 5. They might walk up to you and ask you a question. And it will be fun. -Rylee

They are going to be here for about half an hour. They might be here for recess. While they are here, all we're going to do is talk to them. -Rhianna

Thursday, April 11, 2013


this week we've been hoping that winter is going to go away soon beacause we want spring and some people are already wering sunglasses. were sick of winter. we want spring to begin beacause sring is hot weather  and spring is nice and warm beacause after spring comes summer and we have no school for 8 weeks and also we want to stay at school and school is fun beacause we make art projects. we are sick of winter beacause it is cold and you have to dress up. we want nice warm weather. we all want to come to school in shorts and tanktops. we want to see spring out are big window instead of slush and the snow. so we made an art project and so we can see spring all around our classroom . so we made something springy. are art project is makeing flowers that rise in spring. some of the flowers were daisys and tiger lillies and some were roses and tulips. and that was our art project. we also want spring so we can jump in the puddles. we are sick of - 18 and up.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day of Pink!

Today is the Day of Pink. It all happened a while ago when a new boy to a school was wearing a pink shirt because it was his favourite shirt and a few other people were bullying him and calling him mean names. He got upset and felt sad. So then these two boys from grade 12 heard about it and one night they went to the mall and got as many pink shirts as they could. Then on April 10 they handed them out to each grade 12 student as they walked in. Their message to the bullies was that they stand up for each other. -Rhianna
Today some kids at George Waters Middle School in St James made a nice message on a heart and attached was a candy bag. They gave them to every single person in their school. So we decided that every Wednesday we'd make or do something for a class in our school so they feel special. -Syd
We made magnets of nice words and I think it's special to someone. We gave them to our learning buddies. -Sam
The Day of Pink means to stop bullying and be nicer and friendlier to each other so if you're getting bullied stand up for yourself. Stand up for others and help them have a great day. -Reegan
Today we read a story and we listened to the song. Mrs. Malkoske was showing us the pages. It's an old song. It's about being nice and one of them a girl had braces. -Nick

Thursday, April 4, 2013

African Drumming!

Today we did drumming with Mr. Jay and we learned what the drum is called. It's called a djembe. -Kayla
On Monday we started drumming with Mr. Jay. We had an assembly and we met Mr. Jay there. He told us we were going to have the grade 3ers and down to have classes this week. Next week the grade 4s and 5s and 6s are going to do their drumming classes. On the two Fridays we're all going to present what we learned in Mr. Jay's class. -Reegan
At the assembly, Mr. Jay showed us some of his pictures. One of his pictures was a crocodile and it was eating a chicken. He did some drumming for us and it was really cool. Mr. Jay was an Artist in the School. There was another picture and it was these girls making medicine. The medicine looked yucky to me because they used yucky stuff like branches, leaves, and rocks and snakeskin. -Elly
During the assembly Mr. Jay told us that he lived in Africa for about 4 years. The country he lived in was Ghana. In the assembly he also showed us a drum. We didn't know it was called a djembe yet. He played really fast because he is really good at it. When we had our first class he taught us two differnt notes. One note was the bass and the other note was an open one. Right now we are making a big difference because on Monday we were playing slower and right now we're playing faster. He is teaching us about some more instruments in Africa. -Rhianna
At drumming we learn lots from Mr. Jay and how to play lots of songs from the drum. Mr. Jay gives us three things to remember. "I like chocolate eggs. They are really yummy." AND "What's to eat? Mmm Mmmm Pepperoni Pizza Yum Yum." -Sofia
Our assembly is at 2:40 in the afternoon on Friday, April 5, 2013.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Just before spring break our class began The Ladybug Foundation Education Program as part of our learning in Social Studies. We are talking a lot about caring, sharing what we have, and kindness. We talked about what kindness means to us and created this Haiku Deck to share with you. Our silly little illustrations are modelled after the ones we saw in the Notebook Babies videos that Jill shared with us.
-The Children of Room 9

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad