Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#eduphotoaday Photography Challenge!

This month our class is participating in a photography and creative writing project called #eduphotoaday. Classes from all over the city, province, country and world are playing along too. Every day we'll take a picture to represent the word or phrase for the day. For example, tomorrow is May 1 so we will take a photo that represents the word "us". We'll look at what other classrooms post to instagram and use thier photos as ideas for writing... Stay tuned to see our photos and read our writing!
-The kids of Room 9
PS- If you are on instagram and would like to follow us, our Instagram name is @200awesomedays!


Anonymous said...

Hi 200awesomedays! We are following you from Singapore. We have a common friend in Ms. Krochak! Follow us on instagram @ Room315Singapore! We also have a video we would like to share with you on structures! Your blog inspired us!

Anonymous said...

Hello 200awesomedays! We are a grade 3 class from Singapore and we have a common friend. I work with Ms. Krochak. She told me about your blog and I started to look at it. Your work IS awesome. I also sent a request to follow you on istagram