Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fix Up Portfolios

Sydney R put stuff in my portfolio because I was painting. We put some stuff that we did for inquiry in it. -Kendall
I put stuff in Jolene's portfolio. My favourite thing is the map book. -Jonathon
My favourite books were "The Haunted Castle" and "101 Cool Jokes". Only one of them were Geronimo Stilton. -Cole
Today we made a huge Christmas ornament. We painted it yellow. -Brandon
Today my Mom came and she helped us do our Christmas ornaments for the Christmas concert. Ours was blue. -Ashley
We put stuff in our portfolios and we did Me on the Map. -Aliegha
When my table was painting the Christmas ornaments, our colour was red. When I was painting it, it reminded me of the Christmas concert. -Jolene
Today we painted 1.5 metre by 1.5 metre ornaments. My table painted blue. We had fun. -Jadyn
Today at school we painted ornaments for the Christmas concert. Our ornament was coloured gold. -Lindsay
We had gym today. We played world cup soccer. -Sam
Today we had 2 volunteers. In the morning Madeline's Mom was here to finish our tree project. For the afternoon Ashley's Mom came to help us finish our big Christmas ornaments. -Taylor
My Mom came today. I was the first one to finish our summer tree and we did our portfolio. My favourite one was Me on the Map and my other favourite was My Favourite Books. We did Me on the Map.-Madeline
At Daily 5 we did word work at the end together. Someone came to watch us do word work. He was Mr. Walls. -Olivia
Ms. Anderlic's boss came and watched us do word work. Today I had a special lunch with Jolene. We ate and drank with a plate and cup. -Ashley

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Busy Day

We had our Christmas Concert rehearsal and the actors came in. It was a fun day! -Tristan
We had choir and we did our Christmas Concert and the actors were really good. -Tyson
Today we had Library and we got our library teacher back because she was sick. We got chocolate bars. She saved them for us. -Taylor
We had Daily 5. We had to make words. -Sam
We almost finished our Just Like Me book. It was fun to make it. -Sydney H
Today we got a paper for making a book that Ms. Anderlic read to us. It was about a map and we made one about the classroom and it got bigger and bigger and then it went smaller.-Sydney R
Today we had a fun day because we did our surveys and our surveys made me feel really surprised because when the teacher said that I felt so surprised like I was going to explode. -Rylee
Today at recess we were in the front with grade ones and twos. They went down a big line of ice and it was like a slide. Some grade ones and twos went down it and it was fun. I had fun too. -Rhianna
In library we got chocolate bars. -Olivia
We played a game it was scramble. You had to make different words and you had to make 2 letter, 3 letter, 4 letter, 5 letter, 6 letter, and 7 letter words. It was really fun. -Madeline

Monday, November 28, 2011

Report Card Day!

Today we are going to get report cards. It took me hard work to get there. -Lindsay
Today we got report cards. When Mrs. Malkoske said we were getting report cards today I got surprised. Ashely was surprised too. -Taylor
I was excited when we got our report cards. I wonder how big they are. -Rylee
If I get all positive comments then I get money. -Tristan
When I heard Mrs. Malkoske say that we were getting report cards today I was scared because I didn't want it to say bad things about me. -Ashley
Today we get report cards. I hope I have a 5 or a 4. -Jadyn
Today we got report cards. I was wondering how many pages it has. -Sydney R
Today we're going to get our report cards and I hope I get a 4 or a 5. -Madeline
I was surprised that we were going to get report cards today because I didn't know that we were going to get them. -Sydney H

The Blue Bombers lost the game. I wanted the lions to win. -Sam
Yesterday I had a Blue Bombers party and me and my Dad and my auntie and uncle watched the game and had lots of snacks. I wanted the Blue Bombers to win but they lost. -Rhianna
Last night I had a party. My friends came over. We played downstairs and the Dad's were upstairs watching the football game. My Dad, my brother and me were cheering for the BC Lions. -Taylor

Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesome Blue Bomber Day

Today we could wear blue and gold or a blue bombers jersey. -Olivia
We finished the book that Ms. Koehn was reading today. We finished our gingerbread glyphs. -Cameron
On blue bomber day most of the people in our class wore blue bomber stuff. I took mine off because I was too hot. It was a fun day. -Tristan
We were doing some gingerbread glyphs and putting buttons on them. We had to glue them on.-Nicholas
Today, me, Kendall and Cameron were playing hide and seek at recess. Me and Cameron hid in the play structure and Cameron called it Bunny Hide and Seek. It was fun.- Sydney R
We had fun because we did our glyphs and when we were all done we drew pictures and we had fun. -Rylee
We had music and went on the instrunments. -Kaspir
We coloured pictures. -Sam
We had music and the kindergartners came to join us. -Cole
We coloured pictures when we were done doing our glyphs, and when we were coloring our pictures Ms. Koehn read us a story called "The Twelve Dancing Princesses." -Madeline
We got sour soothers and jelly beans from Ms. Koehn.- Jadyn
This week was really fun. -Tyson

I can't believe the week is over already! The children were well behaved for both myself and Ms. Koehn. I taught my second lesson today and it was on natural and constructed features. I feel that the lesson went well and I can't wait to teach more. -Ms. Anderlic

P.S. Do you hope the blue bombers will win?- Kendall

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good Times

In Daily 5 I was doing reading to someone and my partner was Sydney R. Her book was New Kitten and it was the Berenstein Bears.- Nicholas
Mrs. Malkoske and Mrs. Masey came to our class and helped us with the writing continium. - Kaspir
I want to write more than one page. -Cole
We looked at our writing in our writers notebook. -Brandon
Today in gym we were learning how to catch and pass. - Lindsay
Today we had gym and we played a couple games, one with balls and we tried to see who was the last one standing. - Ashley
In gym we played hot potato.- Jolene
In gym my partner was Brandon. We almost were standing at the end.- Tyson
In gym today we played two types of ball. My partner was Sydney R and we won one of the games. -Rhianna
In gym we played a game and my partner was Ashley and we had to practice before our little competition. A couple of times we were almost left standing. -Taylor
We did math and my partner was Sydney H. We played number blackout. - Cameron
We played a game that had Bellybutton dice. There was a blue dice inside and a see-through dice on the outside. -Tristan
We had fun playing with the belly button dice.- Rylee
We made a Glyph and it was a gingerbread girl or boy. -Madeline
We made gingerbread mans but they were actually us. - Aliegha
We had a subistitute. We were learning about our Community.- Olivia
We had recess. - Sam
I was late for school because I was at my grandmas house with my cousin. -Alexander
Today Ms. Anderlic wrote the Blog post instead of Mrs. Malkoske. -Sydney R

Today I taught my first actual lesson. We are starting a new Social Studies unit that focuses on Canadian Communities. The children learnt what a community is and what makes a community. I am so happy that the lesson went well; the kids were very well behaved and I am so proud of them. -Ms. Anderlic

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Everything Day

In gym we played spongebob square pants it was fun. -Aliegha

We have A substitute her name is ms koehn and ms anderlic but she is A student teacher. - Aliegha

Today in computer lab we are doing pinky dinky doo and story bird. - Lindsay

we playd a game calld number black out and I win.- Lindsay

Today I started my practicum block. This means that I will be in the classroom for the next month until Christmas break. I am really looking forward to seeing the children everyday :) They are awesome students and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach them. - Ms. Anderlic

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 50th Day of School!

In gym there were stations and my group we started on balancing games. For read to someone my partner was Sydney H and we read the book "Beautiful Oops!" -Rhianna
Today was the 50th day of school! I did read to someone on the computer with one of Mrs. Dent Scarcello's students. His name was Matt. My book was called "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed". -Cole
We did math. We did groups of and number of the day. -Jadyn
Today at gym when we were in the stations, I was on the balance with Nicholas and we had fun balancing together. Nick was good. -Rylee
We are getting ready for the Christmas concert. We were making decorations. -Lindsay
We had gym and there were stations and it was jungle gym. -Peyton
We added a pet to the blog. We had to do a little vote to get which pet. And we got a hamster. At lunch recess me and Ashley were playing puppies and we were playing with the supervisor. -Taylor
At the gym my partner was Kendall and I played with her on the ropes. I started with ropes. -Cameron
We were counting with some numbers to make 50. One was two (groups of two). -Kendall
Today we had read to someone and we did something different. First Mrs. Malkoske wrote a list. She tried to put girls with girls and boys with boys and the same level. My partner was Jadyn. Today we did our last tree. We're going to finish it tomorrow. We're doing our summer tree. -Ashley
We had recess. We had fun. I went on the slide. -Sam
I Skyped with Peyton in Mrs. Dent Scarcello's class. She was a girl. She read "Roar!" And I read a book called Henry and Mudge and the Sparkle Day. -Madeline

Monday, November 21, 2011

Skypeing with Mr. Hoeppner's Class

we  wher skypeing with  mr.  hoeppner s  class  and  they  wonid  to know  the   criteria  for  skype and  they  wher  asking us questions.
- Kendall, Cameron, and Sydeny H

Today Mr. Hoeppner's class called us to ask us some questions about Skype. His class is new to Skypeing and wanted to know about our criteria and how we us Skype in our classrom. The children in our class did a great job sharing our criteria and answering their questions. We are hoping to connect with Mr. Hoeppner's class again soon!

Friday, November 18, 2011

the so so beisy day

Me and Taylor did a skype call and we red a book to grade5 and thay raed a book to me and lindsay.
the grade five s were a vary good rader and we were to.We had gym and we playd beall got grof
and we had a soubstot in gym I was it but Taylor wasint it and my fraend  Jadyn was it to.
we did potfalleol wrok one of are sets were what is your favrit daily 5 chos and what is the most
challsan chos . we had a   fun fun awesome day  by      lindsay and Taylor         

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Survey Questions!

Yesterday we had a booklet that we got to make surveys. On one of the sides it has all of our names. On the other side we made 3 questions and after the next day we got to write on the back and do one today. -Taylor
Before recess we started our books and after recess we finished. Some of us had interesting questions. -Rhianna
Today we walked around the classroom and asked people which one they like. One of the sheets had all the names and the other had all the questions. On one of them, after you asked the person your question, you put a checkmark on the person you just did. When the answered we put a tally on their answer. Some were Yes and No and some were choices. -Ashley
We were thinking of finding out about what people like and don't like. -Sam
There were 4 different ways to start a Yes and No question. They were "Have you ever...?" "Did you want to...?" "Do you like...?" and "Do you have...? -Kendall
I was coming around and I was asking people which colour they like and the colours were blue, green, yellow. -Nick
My survey was what's your favourite hockey team. The choices were All, Other, Jets, Vancouver, and Pittsburg. -Cole
My survey was "Have you ever went to Mexico?" -Lindsay

If you want to answer some of our questions.... click the link below to do our Survey Monkey Survey:
Click here to take survey

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

skype calls!

We Skyped today with mrs.dent scarcello class. Jadyn read dalphins and tristan read flippidy frog. it was cool becuase there was a microphone in the headphones. The grade 5s read to us and we read to them. It was for Read to Someone during Daily 5 in the morning.      

-Tristan & Jadyn

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Makes Good Writing?

As we get ready for portfolio conferences, the children in our classroom have been reflecting on some of their learning in reading, writing, math and our inquiry projects. Today our focus was on writing. I asked the kids the question, "What Makes Good Writing?" Here is what they said:
Tristan - Start with the date.
Cameron - Neat, small printing.
Peyton & Madeline - Use periods, exclamation marks, commas, and question marks in the right places.
Cole - Write the details.
Taylor - Write on the lines.
Jonathon & Lindsay - It makes sense.
Jolene - Uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence
Kendall & Sydney R - Finger spaces!
Rhianna - Do the title.
Kaspir - No scribbling, use letters.
Sydney R - Try to sound out the words.
Kendall - Don't use bad words.
Jadyn - Read it over.
Peyton - Then we looked at the Writing Continuum and compared our writing to the samples. We used our TWAS to match the writing on the writing continuum.

Here are some more things that help to make our writing even better:
Ashley - Make all the words uppercase in a title
Aliegha & Jolene - The picture has to go with the writing. They have to match.
Aliegha - Add feelings to your writing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A note about report cards...

Today I am sitting in a very quiet classroom working on student report cards. I must say that our classroom is a whole lot less exciting (and a whole lot more lonely) without the 25 little people that usually share this space with me.... I am looking forward to tomorrow when we're all together again. :)

Report card writing is not my favourite part of being a teacher. I always seem to struggle to find just the right words to describe what I know about my students. It is a difficult task to put into just a few words, everything that a child has had success with, is working on, and needs a little extra help with. It's just a small snapshot of what I know about each child at this moment in time. Tomorrow, or in a week, or in a month, that snapshot will look different... that child will grow a little more, and know a little more, and have new challenges to face.

As I look at the list of names in front of me I can't help but feel proud of the children in my classroom. Every day I ask children to be kind, to be a good friend, to help and take care of each other, and to try their very best always. On top of all of that they are learning to read, write, figure out math problems, explore science topics, and learn about the world outside of our classroom. It seems like an awful lot to ask of a group of 5, 6 and 7 year olds... but they meet the challenge every single day. Every one of the kids in my classroom tries their very best, wants to learn new things, and rises to any challenge I present to them. I think everyone in this classroom deserves just one mark on their report card... an 'A' for AWESOME!

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. Malkoske :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Remembrance Day Assembly

Me and Jolene were at the Remembrance Day Assembly and we said our speeches. My speech was "Peace is wearing a poppy to remember" and Jolene's was "Peace means remembering the people that died." My Grandpa's name is poppy-Tristan
Me and Tristan were worried when we were waiting to talk. When we were speaking it was scary because there was a lot of people looking at us. -Jolene
The grade 3 and 4s sang a song. The grade 5 and 6s did some recorder and one person sang. -Ashley
I was happy. I have a poppy. -Sam
Mrs. Malkoske gave us poppies and my mom gave me a poppy and put it on my sweater. -Nicholas
We had to put our heads down when  someone was playing the trumpet. She stopped playing the music and then she started to play the trumpet again. -Kendall
We had a Remembrance Day assembly and I was excited. We watched a movie called "What Does Peace Feel Like?". We made that movie. -Cameron
When we went to the assembly and someone played the trumpet it reminded me of my Great Grandpa. -Rylee
Two people from each class brought thier wreaths that they made in their class and they said speeches. The speeches started with "Peace feels like.... to me." -Cole
There was a lot of people that were singing and doing the instruments. -Tyson
My Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and my sisters came to the Remembrance Day assembly. We sang a song called Peace Begins with Me. -Madeline
When we were at the assembly we heard music from the recorders. Then there were people singing "Peace begins with Me". -Rhianna
There was a girl named Sam in grade 4 and she talked about peace to the school and families. -Sydney R
At the Remembrance Day assembly, when the girl played the trumpet we had to bow our heads and be silent. -Taylor
The girl played the trumpet two times. For the kindergartens, when they carried the wreath down, only one did the speaking. For every other class two people did the speaking. After the movie you couldn't clap.-Peyton
We had fun today! -Lindsay

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Day in a WORDLE!

Today we decided to share the events of our day as a Wordle! Our Wordle is all about our Family Group
time today. Can you figure out what we did?

Wordle: Untitled

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Special Delivery

After lunch recess, we walked into the room and there was Frisbees in our classroom and everyone got a Frisbee with their name on it. After we got our Frisbees, there were some leftovers so we got to practice with the Frisbees outside in the front and the side. -Taylor
We were throwing them to our partners. My partner was Sydney H. It was feeling great! -Sam
When I was outside, me and Jadyn were throwing the Frisbee and we threw it to each other. It ended up over the fence. Then Mrs. Malkoske had to get it. -Rhianna
Me and Tristan threw the Frisbee together. It got full of mud. I threw it and it looked like it was going over the fence, but it didn't-Cole & Tristan
When we were outside in the front, my partner was Nicholas. We are friends. Nicholas was a really good thrower. -Rylee
I thought my Frisbee was going to end up over the fence. It got all full of mud too. -Jonathon
My partner was Aliegha and Jolene and Mrs. Malkoske. When Aliegha threw the Frisbee it went in the mud and I had to go get it. -Madeline
You put your pointer finger out and hold it with your thumb on top. Then you wrap it with your arm and throw. -Cameron
Taylor was my partner and she was awesome! -Ashley
I caught the Frisbee two times. -Jadyn
My partner was Sydney R and we sometimes hit the glass on the window. -Kendall
Lindsay was my partner. She was a good thrower. -Olivia
My partner was Brandon and we almost went so high, it almost went over the fence. -Peyton
My partner was Alexander and he was AWESOME! -Tyson
When Kendall threw the Frisbee, it rolled and I thought it was going to go in the parking lot. -Sydney R

Monday, November 7, 2011


Last week I took my camera outside at recess to see what the kids of Room 9 were up to. It was a beautiful November day... and the kids were playing beautifully together. :)
After waking up this morning, I'm sure glad I went outside last week! I have a feeling it will be a while before we see the grass on the playground again!

Halloween Photos

Here is a Photopeach spiral of some of our Halloween photos!  :)
Halloween! on PhotoPeach

Bag Up Manitoba!

Our adventure with Bag Up Manitoba has come to an end. The kids in our classroom worked really hard to collect, count, package and recycle 3733 plastic bags... that's 3733 less bags that will end up in Winnipeg landfills this year. This video documents their work and learning. Awesome!

What's Peace?

Our class was reading a book about peace.The book was called What  does PEACE  feel like?
We drew pichtures and then we painted them.
Mrs. Malkoske and Mrs.Remillard  recorded  are voices to make the video.We will show the video on Remembrance Day at the assembly.The video is about  what does peace feel like, taste like ,smell like sound like and look like.

What does peace feel like to you?

Please leave us a comment and tell us your answer to our question.

from   Madeline, Kendall and Sydney R

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Does PEACE Feel Like?

Last week the children in our class read, talked about, and created this video about PEACE. This video is based on the book "What does PEACE feel like?" by V. Radunsky... with a few small changes of our own. The children in our classroom recorded their story and created beautiful paintings to illustrate it. We will share our video at the Remembrance Day assembly next week.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Awesome Awesome Awesome Day!

Today we had a remembrance day project. We had to paint something that represents peace. I (Tristan) did sour stuff. For the project  I (Jonathon) picked cinnamon. Each table was making a list ideas for Remembrance Day. Each table got their list and did a recording. We're going to make them into a movie. For Remembrance Day me (Tristan) and Jolene went to the Music room to practice our speech for the Remembrance Day assembly next week. We had to make a wreath and lay it down on the stage and do our speech. When Taylor's Grandma and Grandpa came we made the poppies and glued them onto a paper and that was the wreath. We had gym and there were 4 centers. We had choir and it was fun.
By Tristan, Peyton and Jonathon

Note to Readers: Our "What Does Peace Feel Like?" video will be posted to the blog soon!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 3 Days Together

Mrs. Malkoske was sick so we had to have substitute teachers two days in a row. So we couldn't blog because they didn't know what to do. -Cole, Jolene, and Madeline
Today I got a Dragonfly Ticket. It was my first one! -Sam
We missed Mrs. Malkoske but she's here today. I missed Cameron and I wanted him to come back.-Rhianna
We wrote about peace today. We switched jobs and seats. I was sick yesterday. -Cameron
We did lots of writing, reading and math. -Peyton
We made an Animoto today about Bag Up Manitoba! (Mrs. Malkoske will post it later). -Jadyn
While Mrs. Malkoske was gone we had a piece of paper and we had to do math on it. It was about adding. -Sydney R
We did writing. I like writing because now writing is my favourite thing. -Rylee
At first recess me, Taylor and Jadyn stayed in to help Mrs. Malkoske. -Ashley
At last recess I stayed in to help clean up the classroom. -Kendall
Today Mrs. Malkoske was back. -Alexander
I missed Cameron because he was sick. -Nicholas
We collected 3733 bags! Now we're done. -Olivia
That makes 93 Frisbees!!! -Tristan