Monday, November 28, 2011

Report Card Day!

Today we are going to get report cards. It took me hard work to get there. -Lindsay
Today we got report cards. When Mrs. Malkoske said we were getting report cards today I got surprised. Ashely was surprised too. -Taylor
I was excited when we got our report cards. I wonder how big they are. -Rylee
If I get all positive comments then I get money. -Tristan
When I heard Mrs. Malkoske say that we were getting report cards today I was scared because I didn't want it to say bad things about me. -Ashley
Today we get report cards. I hope I have a 5 or a 4. -Jadyn
Today we got report cards. I was wondering how many pages it has. -Sydney R
Today we're going to get our report cards and I hope I get a 4 or a 5. -Madeline
I was surprised that we were going to get report cards today because I didn't know that we were going to get them. -Sydney H

The Blue Bombers lost the game. I wanted the lions to win. -Sam
Yesterday I had a Blue Bombers party and me and my Dad and my auntie and uncle watched the game and had lots of snacks. I wanted the Blue Bombers to win but they lost. -Rhianna
Last night I had a party. My friends came over. We played downstairs and the Dad's were upstairs watching the football game. My Dad, my brother and me were cheering for the BC Lions. -Taylor

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Anonymous said...

Hi !

I am sure that Mrs. Malkoske would not have any bad things to say to any of you on your report card. She is there to teach you and looks forward to seeing all of you every morning. She loves teaching and wants all of you to learn as much as you can.
I hope that your moms & dads read your report cards and were very proud of you.

Enjoy the day!

Gigi (Mrs. Malkoske's dad)