Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Remembrance Day Assembly

Me and Jolene were at the Remembrance Day Assembly and we said our speeches. My speech was "Peace is wearing a poppy to remember" and Jolene's was "Peace means remembering the people that died." My Grandpa's name is poppy-Tristan
Me and Tristan were worried when we were waiting to talk. When we were speaking it was scary because there was a lot of people looking at us. -Jolene
The grade 3 and 4s sang a song. The grade 5 and 6s did some recorder and one person sang. -Ashley
I was happy. I have a poppy. -Sam
Mrs. Malkoske gave us poppies and my mom gave me a poppy and put it on my sweater. -Nicholas
We had to put our heads down when  someone was playing the trumpet. She stopped playing the music and then she started to play the trumpet again. -Kendall
We had a Remembrance Day assembly and I was excited. We watched a movie called "What Does Peace Feel Like?". We made that movie. -Cameron
When we went to the assembly and someone played the trumpet it reminded me of my Great Grandpa. -Rylee
Two people from each class brought thier wreaths that they made in their class and they said speeches. The speeches started with "Peace feels like.... to me." -Cole
There was a lot of people that were singing and doing the instruments. -Tyson
My Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, and my sisters came to the Remembrance Day assembly. We sang a song called Peace Begins with Me. -Madeline
When we were at the assembly we heard music from the recorders. Then there were people singing "Peace begins with Me". -Rhianna
There was a girl named Sam in grade 4 and she talked about peace to the school and families. -Sydney R
At the Remembrance Day assembly, when the girl played the trumpet we had to bow our heads and be silent. -Taylor
The girl played the trumpet two times. For the kindergartens, when they carried the wreath down, only one did the speaking. For every other class two people did the speaking. After the movie you couldn't clap.-Peyton
We had fun today! -Lindsay

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