Monday, November 14, 2011

A note about report cards...

Today I am sitting in a very quiet classroom working on student report cards. I must say that our classroom is a whole lot less exciting (and a whole lot more lonely) without the 25 little people that usually share this space with me.... I am looking forward to tomorrow when we're all together again. :)

Report card writing is not my favourite part of being a teacher. I always seem to struggle to find just the right words to describe what I know about my students. It is a difficult task to put into just a few words, everything that a child has had success with, is working on, and needs a little extra help with. It's just a small snapshot of what I know about each child at this moment in time. Tomorrow, or in a week, or in a month, that snapshot will look different... that child will grow a little more, and know a little more, and have new challenges to face.

As I look at the list of names in front of me I can't help but feel proud of the children in my classroom. Every day I ask children to be kind, to be a good friend, to help and take care of each other, and to try their very best always. On top of all of that they are learning to read, write, figure out math problems, explore science topics, and learn about the world outside of our classroom. It seems like an awful lot to ask of a group of 5, 6 and 7 year olds... but they meet the challenge every single day. Every one of the kids in my classroom tries their very best, wants to learn new things, and rises to any challenge I present to them. I think everyone in this classroom deserves just one mark on their report card... an 'A' for AWESOME!

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. Malkoske :)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Malkoske, you sound very lonely without your students. I know how much you enjoy going to school every day so that you can teach your students as much as you can so that they will grow up to be well educated adults.
I know that they learn many things every day and that they all enjoy going to school. Keep up the great work.....and please give this message to your are very lucky to have Mrs. Malkoske as your teacher because she cares about each and every one you very much. I know that because she talks about you when her and Mr. Malkoske come to visit us.
Enjoy your days with Mrs. Malkoske.....she is a very fine person.

As always,
"Gigi" (Mrs. Malkoske's dad)

JH said...

Great post! You've provided a nice insight for parents as to what is involved in writing reports.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. Malkoske for always "going the extra mile" with all of your students. Peyton is very fortunate to have you as his teacher.

Dayna Hinkel

Val Frederick said...

Thanks to you as well. I know my daughter thinks you also deserve and 'a' for awesome.