Thursday, November 17, 2011

Survey Questions!

Yesterday we had a booklet that we got to make surveys. On one of the sides it has all of our names. On the other side we made 3 questions and after the next day we got to write on the back and do one today. -Taylor
Before recess we started our books and after recess we finished. Some of us had interesting questions. -Rhianna
Today we walked around the classroom and asked people which one they like. One of the sheets had all the names and the other had all the questions. On one of them, after you asked the person your question, you put a checkmark on the person you just did. When the answered we put a tally on their answer. Some were Yes and No and some were choices. -Ashley
We were thinking of finding out about what people like and don't like. -Sam
There were 4 different ways to start a Yes and No question. They were "Have you ever...?" "Did you want to...?" "Do you like...?" and "Do you have...? -Kendall
I was coming around and I was asking people which colour they like and the colours were blue, green, yellow. -Nick
My survey was what's your favourite hockey team. The choices were All, Other, Jets, Vancouver, and Pittsburg. -Cole
My survey was "Have you ever went to Mexico?" -Lindsay

If you want to answer some of our questions.... click the link below to do our Survey Monkey Survey:
Click here to take survey

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