Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 50th Day of School!

In gym there were stations and my group we started on balancing games. For read to someone my partner was Sydney H and we read the book "Beautiful Oops!" -Rhianna
Today was the 50th day of school! I did read to someone on the computer with one of Mrs. Dent Scarcello's students. His name was Matt. My book was called "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed". -Cole
We did math. We did groups of and number of the day. -Jadyn
Today at gym when we were in the stations, I was on the balance with Nicholas and we had fun balancing together. Nick was good. -Rylee
We are getting ready for the Christmas concert. We were making decorations. -Lindsay
We had gym and there were stations and it was jungle gym. -Peyton
We added a pet to the blog. We had to do a little vote to get which pet. And we got a hamster. At lunch recess me and Ashley were playing puppies and we were playing with the supervisor. -Taylor
At the gym my partner was Kendall and I played with her on the ropes. I started with ropes. -Cameron
We were counting with some numbers to make 50. One was two (groups of two). -Kendall
Today we had read to someone and we did something different. First Mrs. Malkoske wrote a list. She tried to put girls with girls and boys with boys and the same level. My partner was Jadyn. Today we did our last tree. We're going to finish it tomorrow. We're doing our summer tree. -Ashley
We had recess. We had fun. I went on the slide. -Sam
I Skyped with Peyton in Mrs. Dent Scarcello's class. She was a girl. She read "Roar!" And I read a book called Henry and Mudge and the Sparkle Day. -Madeline

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Anonymous said...

Only 150 more days left of school to go.this is my favorite blog post this year.