Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Special Delivery

After lunch recess, we walked into the room and there was Frisbees in our classroom and everyone got a Frisbee with their name on it. After we got our Frisbees, there were some leftovers so we got to practice with the Frisbees outside in the front and the side. -Taylor
We were throwing them to our partners. My partner was Sydney H. It was feeling great! -Sam
When I was outside, me and Jadyn were throwing the Frisbee and we threw it to each other. It ended up over the fence. Then Mrs. Malkoske had to get it. -Rhianna
Me and Tristan threw the Frisbee together. It got full of mud. I threw it and it looked like it was going over the fence, but it didn't-Cole & Tristan
When we were outside in the front, my partner was Nicholas. We are friends. Nicholas was a really good thrower. -Rylee
I thought my Frisbee was going to end up over the fence. It got all full of mud too. -Jonathon
My partner was Aliegha and Jolene and Mrs. Malkoske. When Aliegha threw the Frisbee it went in the mud and I had to go get it. -Madeline
You put your pointer finger out and hold it with your thumb on top. Then you wrap it with your arm and throw. -Cameron
Taylor was my partner and she was awesome! -Ashley
I caught the Frisbee two times. -Jadyn
My partner was Sydney R and we sometimes hit the glass on the window. -Kendall
Lindsay was my partner. She was a good thrower. -Olivia
My partner was Brandon and we almost went so high, it almost went over the fence. -Peyton
My partner was Alexander and he was AWESOME! -Tyson
When Kendall threw the Frisbee, it rolled and I thought it was going to go in the parking lot. -Sydney R

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