Thursday, May 30, 2013

Community Gathering Day

Today was our comunity gathering day. In the morning we had an assembly. We shared what we were working on in the gym. -Reegan
We saw lots of different presentations. They were really cool. Ours was our movies. The grade 2s and 4s sang "The Elders Are Watching" and they made art and did a dance. -Elly
A few of the groups did their presentations on The 7 Teachings. One of the groups that did The 7 Teachings made totem poles. Also, the kindergartens and the grade 6s made a music video and a photostory. -Syd
In the afternoon, we had centres. Some of the centres were dancing, art, games, storytelling, and snacks. For the snack we had gelato. I liked it. -Karys
In the art centre we made a dot painting. We used Q-Tips. -Carter
In the library, we heard a bear song. Ms. Lisa played the drum. -Cayden
One of the centres was dancing. The dances that we did were folk dances. We did car wash, macaroni, and one I don't know. It was fun. -Cameron
In Mrs. Enns' room we played a game. Some volunteers played music and we had to try and guess where that music was from, like which country. Some of the places were India, Greece, France, Russia, Ireland, Jamaica, West Africa, Australia, Spain, Egypt, and Paraguay. My Dad has been to Ireland. -Rylee
After all the centres we went back to the gym and talked about the centres. We watched a music video. -Sofia
I liked the rap video. I liked all the centres. My favourite was dancing in the gym and games. -Ella

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Movie Makers

We've been working on a project since the beginning of May. We've been working with Mr. Kapilik and Mr. Mercredi and our learning buddies and Mrs. Kosolowski. We went to Bird's Hill Park and shot some videos for the movie. We used a green screen. It looked like the forest at Bird's Hill Park. -Elle
When we first started the project, Mr. Mercredi told us some stories (you can read our other blog post about Nanabosho Stories). Then we worked with Mr. Kapilik and he helped us decide about what our story would be about. We wrote stories that weren't real, almost like a folk tale. When we went to BHP we filmed the background of our play that we were going to make. Then we recorded our voice and made masks. Then we did acting in front of the green screen. -Syd
Today we watched the movies. Soon we will post them on our blog. -Karys
After Mrs. Malkoske played around with the movies because she's the computer girl. The movies were called, How the Catfish Got His Whiskers and How the Turtle Got His Shell. -Ry

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nanabosho Paper Slide Videos!

Our Nanabosho videos are all done! Click on the "Nanabosho Stories" tab above this post to visit our video page. Don't forget to leave us a comment!
-The Kids of Room 9

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nanabosho Stories!

The last few weeks we have been doing a project with our learning buddies. The project is a story telling project. So when we started we got split into groups and those would be the groups for the project. Each group got to hear from a guy named Mr. Mercredi he told us some stories from when he was a kid. They weren't real stories but they are stories that his family believed in. Some stories were funny and others taught you a lesson. Then a few days later we meet with a guy named Mr. Kapilik. He helped us figure out what our story would be about, what animals would be in the story, which lesson we wanted to teach, stuff like that. After we figured out all that, we started the story. While we came up with the story the teacher in our group, Mrs. Kosolowski, wrote it down on the computer. So then again, in a few days, we edited the story. Meanwhile, in Mrs. Malkoske's group they were doing the same thing but they just had a different story. There story is about "How the Catfish got it's Whiskers" and our's is about "How the Turtle got it's Shell". Today we are going to fnish up editing our story. And tomorrow we're going on a field trip to Bird's Hill to video tape the backround because we're going to make it into a play and show the whole school at an assembly. Every single class in the school is doing something Aboriginal and they have to show a presentation!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goodbye Butterflies!

On Thursday we released our butterflies and we had to put our fingers in sugar water. We went by the garden to release them. -Reegan
On the weekend Mrs. Malkoske took the butterflies home and she couldn't keep them because it was May Long Weekend and butterflies need to be outside and eat their food. -Rylee
When we were trying to put the butterflies on our fingers, a lot of them went out of the net so we all didn't get a turn to hold them. -Cali
Before we released the butterflies, me and Sydney stayed in and we got more food and sugar water for another set of butterflies. Mrs. Malkoske had to move one set of butterflies to the other cage. One got out and it landed on me. Outside, when we had to let them go, a lot of them flew away. Two were on Alexander because they liked him. There were still some chysalids left. -Rhianna
That day when we let the butterflies go, when me and Rhianna stayed in, the butterfly that got out it first landed on Rhianna's leg and then it flew to the window. So I picked it up and I put it back in the cage. I thought it was cool to hold a butterfly because I'd never done it before. -Syd

The first picture says "I'm ready!" because the butterfly was ready to come out. You could see the wings through the chysalis. The second picture shows left over parts from the caterpillar (the red stuff). It comes out when the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis (it's called meconium).

This is a butterfly eating an orange. The butterfly eats it from it's proboscis. The second picture shows the butterfly looking out the window because we had an escaper.

The first picture shows a bunch of butterflies in the net outside in the garden. They are painted lady butterflies. The second picture is a butterfly on a stepping stone in the garden. We put an orange down on the dirt and let the butterfly on it because it didn't want to get off Alexander.

These are some pictures of us saying goodbye to our butterflies.

When Mrs. Malkoske got home, she saw a butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis. It was halfway out. Today Mrs. Malkoske told us about it. It looks like a leaf. Mrs. Malkoske saw a butterfly on her flip flop so she took a picture of it. (It escaped).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Sharing Song Music Video!

Here is our music video of Jack Johnson's "The Sharing Song" :) Enjoy!
-The kids of Room 9

the sharing song final cut great from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Soggy Field Trip!

Today we went to Bird's Hill Park with our learning buddies. The reason we went is that we are writing plays and we needed a background for the greenscreen. -Rhianna
We were taking videos and the videos connected to our book that we are making. -Reegan
The trails that we went hiking on were Chickadee Trail and Cedar Bog. The Cedar Bog was more kind of a skinny trail and it was squishier. -Syd
The Chickadee Trail was very sunny and the Cedar Bog Trail was very rainy. -Sofia
When we got of the bus, 5 minutes later, we got all soaked. It was pouring SO hard! There was a little bit of thunder but no lightning. -Cali
Everyone got soaked/ I was wearing rain pants and a rain coat. Because it was raining so hard, it went through my jacket. My shirt was soaked but it dried up. -Elly
When it rained I thought it was AWESOME! At the  end, I couldn't even see where we were going so I had to stop for Tyson. Then I had to follow Tyson. -Cayden
The Grade 3 and 4 boys were yelling "This is the BEST field trip EVER!" when the rain was coming down. I wasn't so sure about that ... but we had a lot of laughs and it ended up being the BEST hike I've ever been on :) -Mrs. Malkoske
Mrs. Oddy made trail mix for us. She gave a bag to each of us. It was awesome. -Kaspir
At the end of Cedar Bog we saw a garter snake. It was really cool. I freaked out and ran away because I do not like snakes. -Rylee
The snake was yellow and black and green. We saw it's tongue. It was slithering around in the leaves. -Nick
After Cedar Bog we had lunch. We had lunch on a picnic table and tarp. On one of the picnic tables there was a heart and it said "Kevin + Elly" and there was an arrow through it. It was funny. -Andy
After lunch we went to the Chickadee Trail. Then we had to walk for a long time. We saw lots of signs and the lookout was closed. We had to walk back. -Sam
On the Chickadee Trail there was a lot of poop. There was horse poop and rabbit poop and deer poop. -Jonathan
At the end of Chickadee Trail it started to spit a little. We had the BEST field trip EVER!!! -Syd

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When we are done the book, we are going to watch the movie. Mrs. Malkoske is going to give us a treat. We're almost done the book. -Karys
There are two different movies. We're watching the old movie because the old movie is better. In the first one, it's a little bit scary when they go down onto the boat. Willy Wonka sings a song and he offers Mike Teavee's mom a tiny gumball and she says "No". On the boat ride they see a scary part becuase it is pictures that are scary. I think there's one of a tarantula. In the new movie it's kind of the same but they don't see the tarantula. -Elly
While we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book, in some chapters there are songs that the Oompa Loompas sing. The Oompa Loompas are Willy Wonka's helpers. When there are songs in the book, we watch the videos on the computer. I like the Oompa Loompa's songs.  -Sydney

Here are the videos:
Augustus Gloop (old movie)
Augustus Gloop (new movie)
Violet Beaureguard (old movie)
Violet Beaureguard (new movie)
Veruca Salt (old movie)
Veruca Salt (new movie)
In the old movie, Veruca Salt goes into the golden goose room because she wanted a golden goose. Her father and mother give her anything she wants when she screams and kicks and yells. So she said "I want one!" In the end she fell down a garbage shoot because she was a BAD EGG! -Rhianna
In the new movie, Veruca Salt wants a squirrel but when she opened the door the squirrels were staring at her and she was staring at the squirrels. Then the squirrels got her left arm and right arm and left leg and right leg. The king squirrel checked if she was a good nut or a bad nut. She was a BAD NUT and she went in the garbage shoot. -Sam
Today the funniest part in the book was when they were walking down the hall, and the doors said a bunch of yummy candies on them. One door said "SQUARE CANDIES THAT LOOK ROUND". At first I didn't know what that meant. Then when they went in the room everybody was saying "They look square, not round!" But then Mr. Willy Wonka said "I never said they were round, I said they are square shape and they LOOK A-round." Also, the Oompa Loompas had painted happy faces on the square candies so the candies looked around the room. -Syd

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cleaning up!

Today after recess we cleaned up the back field of our school. We had to put gloves on so we could pick up the garbage. Two people were holding garbage bags. The people who had the gloves on picked up garbage and put the garbage in the bags. -Sofia
 Yesterday we started to pick up garbage to help our earth to stay clean. We cleaned on the side and in the front and where we line up. We cleaned up in the garden also. I found the first dandelion in our school yard. I found it in the back. -Reegan
 The reason we did this is because our school yard was really dirty with gabage. We collected about 4 big bags of garbage. -Rhianna
 At the second last period of the day, we went to the back field to pick up garbage. When were picking up garbage, I realized that there was still snow on the ground and I had flip flops on. It was really funny. -Sydney
Today I wore a shirt that said "Love your world". It was perfect for today! -Karys
Today while we were cleaning we found some really yucky stuff. We found lots of candy wrappers and lollypop sticks. We also found $5.25. We are going to take it to the Be the Change Club. -Rylee

Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh the Places They've Gone: An iPod Adventure!

Today we took a look at the UPS tracking data for our iPods... they've finally arrived in Winnipeg! Our iPods went on quite an adventure to get here. Take a look at all of the places they've visited:

View iPod Adventure in a larger map

They will reach their final destination, our classroom, early next week!