Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Movie Makers

We've been working on a project since the beginning of May. We've been working with Mr. Kapilik and Mr. Mercredi and our learning buddies and Mrs. Kosolowski. We went to Bird's Hill Park and shot some videos for the movie. We used a green screen. It looked like the forest at Bird's Hill Park. -Elle
When we first started the project, Mr. Mercredi told us some stories (you can read our other blog post about Nanabosho Stories). Then we worked with Mr. Kapilik and he helped us decide about what our story would be about. We wrote stories that weren't real, almost like a folk tale. When we went to BHP we filmed the background of our play that we were going to make. Then we recorded our voice and made masks. Then we did acting in front of the green screen. -Syd
Today we watched the movies. Soon we will post them on our blog. -Karys
After Mrs. Malkoske played around with the movies because she's the computer girl. The movies were called, How the Catfish Got His Whiskers and How the Turtle Got His Shell. -Ry

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