Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cleaning up!

Today after recess we cleaned up the back field of our school. We had to put gloves on so we could pick up the garbage. Two people were holding garbage bags. The people who had the gloves on picked up garbage and put the garbage in the bags. -Sofia
 Yesterday we started to pick up garbage to help our earth to stay clean. We cleaned on the side and in the front and where we line up. We cleaned up in the garden also. I found the first dandelion in our school yard. I found it in the back. -Reegan
 The reason we did this is because our school yard was really dirty with gabage. We collected about 4 big bags of garbage. -Rhianna
 At the second last period of the day, we went to the back field to pick up garbage. When were picking up garbage, I realized that there was still snow on the ground and I had flip flops on. It was really funny. -Sydney
Today I wore a shirt that said "Love your world". It was perfect for today! -Karys
Today while we were cleaning we found some really yucky stuff. We found lots of candy wrappers and lollypop sticks. We also found $5.25. We are going to take it to the Be the Change Club. -Rylee

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Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to do for the Earth. Thanks everyone! :)

From Syd's Mom