Thursday, May 30, 2013

Community Gathering Day

Today was our comunity gathering day. In the morning we had an assembly. We shared what we were working on in the gym. -Reegan
We saw lots of different presentations. They were really cool. Ours was our movies. The grade 2s and 4s sang "The Elders Are Watching" and they made art and did a dance. -Elly
A few of the groups did their presentations on The 7 Teachings. One of the groups that did The 7 Teachings made totem poles. Also, the kindergartens and the grade 6s made a music video and a photostory. -Syd
In the afternoon, we had centres. Some of the centres were dancing, art, games, storytelling, and snacks. For the snack we had gelato. I liked it. -Karys
In the art centre we made a dot painting. We used Q-Tips. -Carter
In the library, we heard a bear song. Ms. Lisa played the drum. -Cayden
One of the centres was dancing. The dances that we did were folk dances. We did car wash, macaroni, and one I don't know. It was fun. -Cameron
In Mrs. Enns' room we played a game. Some volunteers played music and we had to try and guess where that music was from, like which country. Some of the places were India, Greece, France, Russia, Ireland, Jamaica, West Africa, Australia, Spain, Egypt, and Paraguay. My Dad has been to Ireland. -Rylee
After all the centres we went back to the gym and talked about the centres. We watched a music video. -Sofia
I liked the rap video. I liked all the centres. My favourite was dancing in the gym and games. -Ella

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