Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Who's Who!

This weekend our homework was to write what we are going to be and we had to draw a picture of us going trick or treating. -Matt G

Here are our costumes for Halloween:

Matt G - Thor
Claire - Ariel
Carter - Mario
Nick - A mascot for the Montreal Canadians
Anna -  a Witch
Danika - Pegasus Unicorn
Grace - a Vampire
Cali - a Devil
Gabrielle - a Vampire
Matt D - Indiana Jones
Ashten - a Ninja
Dylan R - a Ninja
Cole - a Minion
Kayla - a Vampire princess
Sofia - a Cowgirl
Jonathan - a Bunny
Katrina - a Godess
Karys - a Candy Corn Witch
Jackson - an Army Guy
Dylan W - a Ninja
Ms. Clarke - a Bird

On Thursday we are going to have a Halloween assembly. We walk around the gym and show our costumes. Mom's and Dad's and little brothers and sisters can all come. It is at 1:20 in the afternoon. -Cali

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Assembly

Today we had the Bag Up Manitoba Assembly. Some people just did the talking, and some people did the acting. I did the acting since I was too scared to do the talking. -Karys
At the beginning of the assembly we showed a video about bags and how they are on trees, in the ocean and bushes. Here it is: -Nick

Me and my partner talked about why recycling is important to us. -Kayla
We told about what we are doing and my buddy said how many bags we have counted already. We've counted 10 800 bags. -Katrina
Then we showed the video "Why Plastic Bags are Evil". It was funny. Here it is: -Dylan W

We showed them how we count the bags. My job was to shake them and take them to Ashten and Spencer. They shook them again and turned them inside out... shake, pull, umbrella. -Cole
My job at the assembly was to hold up the garbage that we find in the bags. -Matt D
One of the things we found in the bag was a diaper. -Matt G
We showed a video that showed how they recycle bags. Here it is: -Karys

We showed them Timmy the Tumblebag. Claire, Amy, Grace and Kaiya read the book. Here it is:
-Dylan R

Then we showed what could go in the Recycling Bins and what can't. -Cole

Me and my learning buddy, Will, held up things that can't go in the recycling bin. -Dylan W
Me and my partner were holding the recycling bin. -Nick

We did AWESOME! -Danika

Mrs. Ziprick told us how good of a job we did. -Matt D

We felt tired after. -Cole


last week we sarted IBL.We talked about kind's of mateial's then we went all around the library and computer lab then we went in our class room.we went all around the school. on monday we wached two video's one was called  snow bords here it is :

the other one was called toothpicks. here it is :

then we had to write what we learned  or what we did not we having IBL.we are going to wached  another how it's made video!.
-Cali & Carter

Friday, October 18, 2013

Counting Bags!

Today at school we counted bags because we are recycling them. Our total number is 8660. It's part of Bag Up Manitoba! -Dylan W
Wow! 8660 bags for Bag Up Manitoba! That's a lot of bags. -Carter
Today we counted 1150 bags. That is lots for 20 kids. On Tuesday we are having a Bag Up Manitoba assembly. Some people were on the announcements so they won't get to talk but they'll do some acting for the steps of how we do it. The people that did not talk on the announcements will talk. We might get a park bench if we are in the top 15 schools. If we're not in the top 15 schools, we'll get birdhouses. -Cali
We have a tower of bags in our classroom. -Anna
Today we found a diaper in a bag. We found a Lego cape. -Jackson
We also found in a bag, a pink envelope. -Jonathan
We found lots of reciepts in lots of bags. -Carter

We are collecting bags until November 1, so if you still have some at home, send them in! -Ms. Clarke

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thanks A Lot

This week the children and I learned Raffi's song "Thanks a Lot". Raffi and Fred Penner were my two favourite singer/songwriters when I was a child and I often play their music in my classroom. They both have beautiful songs with powerful and important lyrics that teach great life lessons... and they also have a ton of super fun, silly songs to dance to!

This is our (and my) first attempt at stop-motion animation... which it's a fancy technology trick that makes a video look like those paper flip books :) The children worked in partners to create paper representations of one part of the song. Then the children placed their pieces on the backdrop where I took photos of them. In between each photo, the children moved their piece slightly (like the slight changes in the drawings in a flip book). Then all of the photos were compiled into this short video. (This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually was... I promise).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
-Ms. Clarke

Thanks A Lot from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

PS - I tweeted the video to Raffi and he loved it! I'll tell you more about it on Tuesday :)

We're Back!!!

Today we went to MTYP and we saw the show Jack and the Bean. At the end, we got a magic bean. -Nick
At the first part of the play, Jack was selling toys and I got a teddy bear. Then he said how much do you have for it, and I said "Nothing" so I gave it back. -Karys
It was really funny because the worm told us to dig, eat, poo, and grow. -Sofia
We sat in the front row on the stage and we got to dance with the worm. Jack climbed up to the clouds and the giant had black gold. -Matt D
There was disco lights when we were dancing. -Danika
At the end of the play, we each got a lima bean that he used to put in the ground. The beanstalk worked because a lady had a control and when Jack put the bean in the ground, and there was a hole in the ground, and there was a rope. The rope had leaves and the vine. She used the remote to control it. -Cali
It took a long time to get there and to get back. The play took a long time. A person in the play did four parts: the worm, the gardener, the giant, and the dad. -Cole
We listened to a song. Jack said we had to get down everytime we heard a sound. -Anna
Jack was funny. -Dylan W

It was a great trip to MTYP and a great first week back for me. Thank you to all of our families for the kind words and messages that you've sent. I am very fortunate to work in such a kind and caring community. Have a great weekend. -Ms. Clarke