Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Assembly

Today we had the Bag Up Manitoba Assembly. Some people just did the talking, and some people did the acting. I did the acting since I was too scared to do the talking. -Karys
At the beginning of the assembly we showed a video about bags and how they are on trees, in the ocean and bushes. Here it is: -Nick

Me and my partner talked about why recycling is important to us. -Kayla
We told about what we are doing and my buddy said how many bags we have counted already. We've counted 10 800 bags. -Katrina
Then we showed the video "Why Plastic Bags are Evil". It was funny. Here it is: -Dylan W

We showed them how we count the bags. My job was to shake them and take them to Ashten and Spencer. They shook them again and turned them inside out... shake, pull, umbrella. -Cole
My job at the assembly was to hold up the garbage that we find in the bags. -Matt D
One of the things we found in the bag was a diaper. -Matt G
We showed a video that showed how they recycle bags. Here it is: -Karys

We showed them Timmy the Tumblebag. Claire, Amy, Grace and Kaiya read the book. Here it is:
-Dylan R

Then we showed what could go in the Recycling Bins and what can't. -Cole

Me and my learning buddy, Will, held up things that can't go in the recycling bin. -Dylan W
Me and my partner were holding the recycling bin. -Nick

We did AWESOME! -Danika

Mrs. Ziprick told us how good of a job we did. -Matt D

We felt tired after. -Cole

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