Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Who's Who!

This weekend our homework was to write what we are going to be and we had to draw a picture of us going trick or treating. -Matt G

Here are our costumes for Halloween:

Matt G - Thor
Claire - Ariel
Carter - Mario
Nick - A mascot for the Montreal Canadians
Anna -  a Witch
Danika - Pegasus Unicorn
Grace - a Vampire
Cali - a Devil
Gabrielle - a Vampire
Matt D - Indiana Jones
Ashten - a Ninja
Dylan R - a Ninja
Cole - a Minion
Kayla - a Vampire princess
Sofia - a Cowgirl
Jonathan - a Bunny
Katrina - a Godess
Karys - a Candy Corn Witch
Jackson - an Army Guy
Dylan W - a Ninja
Ms. Clarke - a Bird

On Thursday we are going to have a Halloween assembly. We walk around the gym and show our costumes. Mom's and Dad's and little brothers and sisters can all come. It is at 1:20 in the afternoon. -Cali

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