Wednesday, November 13, 2013

6 Simple Machines... and other stuff.

In our classroom and in IBL with Mrs. Klaussen, we have begun some science fun! We started by talking about different objects around us and the materials that they are made of. Then we moved on to talk about how different things are made, how they move, and how we can tell about them. Now we are learning about the 6 simple machines. The kids of Room 9 will tell you all about it...
-Ms. Clarke

Today we made a seesaw because we are learning about the 6 simple machines. We watched a video about a lever, and that's why we made the seesaw. We wanted to see how it turned out. We made it out of a rolled up carpet and a piece of wood. At the end Ms. Clarke got on and Carter and Jonathan were on the other side and then they lifted up Ms. Clarke. -Cole

Our prediction to lift up Ms. Clarke was 10 or 4 people, but it only took 2. -Carter

We went to the computer lab and Ms. Clarke gave all of us some papers and we had to draw pictures of each simple machine being used. We watched a video about each machine. -Sofia

Tomorrow we are doing some fun things with our 6 simple machines. We have some new toys to use for the 6 simple machines. -Dylan W

Levers - I liked the levers station because I got to launch dice. I used two popsicle sticks taped together and a block for the fulcrum. -Dylan W
Pulleys - I liked the pulleys because at the end we got to try and lift a chair. We lifted the chair and after we showed Ms. Clarke. We used two pulleys. -Cole
At the pulley centre we got to make our own pulley. For the pulley I lifted up a container. -Katrina

Inclined Planes - It was fun making inclined planes because you get to make your own ramp. I tested it will wheels.
-Matt G

Wedges - I liked wedges because I got to hammer a nail into a wooden board. It was fun. I probably took 14 swings. -Jonathan
I liked wedges because you got to use a hammer and it was hard to start the nail. -Matt D

Wheels and Axles - At wheels and axles you got to make your own car. I used lego for the first one and tinker toys for the other one. -Dylan R

Screws - At the screws station, you got to screw in your own screw. There were some you had to do with a screw driver and some you had to do with your hands. -Cali
Today was a lot of fun. We hammered, rolled, pulled, twisted and turned while we explored simple machines. The conversations the children of room 9 had were the best part. They talked about how hard it was (effort) to hammer a nail into aboard, how fast a car can go down a steep ramp and how slowly it goes down a flat ramp (velocity, inclined plane), how much easier it was to lift things with pulleys and levers (forces), and how the different toys made different types of wheel and axles. All of their conversations were about physics... and they're 6 and 7. Yes, they played with LEGO, K'Nex, Mechano sets, toy cars, and lots of cardboard, but they were learning so much about the world around them and the way things work.  As a teacher, I love days like this. Small people with big ideas. That's how we roll in Room 9 :) -Ms. Clarke


Barb Delviken said...

Your Class does a lot of Interesting things Cole! Ms Clarke sure makes Learning FUN :)

Danika's mom said...

Wow! Grade ones and twos, it looks like you had lots of fun learning about and building simple machines!

Cole's Grandma Delviken said...

Wow!! Looks like such FUN :) Cole - You and your classmates are so fortunate to have such an AWESOME Teacher :) I LOVE all the AMAZING activities she has for you all!