Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We LOVE GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is fun for kids. We have been doing lots of GoNoodle. We like to do it. -Grayson
GoNoodle is exercise. -Colin
GoNoodle has lots of fun things on it. The MooseTube is my favourite. -Katya
We have been doing GoNoodle and we are doing GoNoodle lots of times. -Cara
McPufferson is our mascot or a character. Whenever our tube gets all purple, McPufferson gets stronger. When we get 10/10 he gets stronger and stronger until he gets as strong as he can get. Then we don't know what to do, but maybe we just start over. -Sophie
Some GoNoodles they are fun like Maximo. He says, "'Tis I. Maximo!" when we start. -Cav
We do GoNoodle when we are really tired or when we are too excited like after recess. Today we did a relaxing one. GoNoodle is awesome! -Jaelyn
One of the games of GoNoodle is Cookie, Cookie and it is fun. Sometimes we do other games but our class likes Cookie, Cookie. -Chelsea

These are all of the games. -Megan

This is Maximo. -Cara

This is McPufferson. -Sophie

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A VERY Busy Day!

We went to Ms. Coppen's class and fire fighter Nick talked about safety. -Ella
We saw the ladder go up. -Cara
Today when we went outside we saw the fire truck that Nick drove and we talked about safety. When we did a walk through the fire truck. -Jaelyn
Today we went to go in the fire truck. -Grayson

Here are some of the fire safety tips that Nick told us:
When there is smoke, you have to go on the ground and be like a snake. -Chelsea
If you have fire on you, you have to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. -Colin
If there is an alarm, and if the door feels hot, they you can't go out, you have to call for help and open up the window. -Ella
We have to make a meeting place with Mom or Dad. -Cav
Check the fire alarms in your house for batteries. -Grayson

This morning the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra were playing on the things they had to play. Some of them were violins, and they were playing some beautiful music that they played in our gym at the school. -Jaelyn
They were playing beautiful songs. They played Super Mario 10. -Colin
They played The Simpson's song. -Eli
They played Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. -Katya

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Busy Hands and Happy Hearts

Today we had an amazing Choice Time! I've introduced a few different materials and possible activities, and the children are becoming more familiar and comfortable with all of the things that we have in our space.
After watching kids building, sharing, working together, trying new things, creating, and experimenting, I left school with a very happy heart. Here is just a little bit of what I saw:

Grade 1 Outdoors!

This year we are taking our learning outdoors! About once a week (weather permitting) we're heading outside to explore our community, observe the changes that happen throughout the year, and connect with nature. The fall and winter are a bit of a training camp for something BIG coming in the spring... a whole week of learning outside! If you'd like to see what kinds of things we are doing outside, just take a look at the page tab labelled "GRADE 1 OUTDOORS" above!

All About Me Bags!

This post is a little bit late, but worth the wait! The Kids of Room 9 did a wonderful job of their first home project this year, All About Me bags! They shared their bags with each other and talked about themselves, their families, and some of the things they love. Here is a quick peek inside their bags. ~Ms. Clarke

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week The Kids of Room 9 worked together to create a shadow show to represent Raffi's song, Thanks A Lot. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks A Lot from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The 4 Seasons

In IBL we were learning about the 4 seasons. -Cara
We learned about fall, winter, spring and summer. -Chelsea
We went in groups and we had to write what we were going to do. We had to practice. We did a dress rehearsal before we did it.-Jaelyn
We had to get all of our stuff like costumes and props and we put them on for the movie.-Katya
We brought lots of things from home. -Ella
We had a green screen and we stood in front of it because then there was pictures behind us so we could pick the background. -Grayson
We picked the background on the computers. -Nia
We liked dressing up! -Chelsea
We made 4 movies. -Cav
Today we watched the movies, The 4 Seasons. -Colin

Here are our movies!

We Love Fall! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

We Love Winter! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

We Love Summer! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

We Love Spring! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Choice Time in Room 9

In Room 9, sometimes we get to have Choice Time! Choice Time is a favourite thing for many of the kids in our class. Here are some of the things we like about Choice Time:

We like to make crafts. -Grayson
We build up in Choice Time with the blocks and all of the other stuff. It is fun. -Cav
We make beautiful art and we have fun with building and we really like toys so we don't want to break stuff. -Jaelyn
I like all of the choices. -Colin
We like drawing on paper and building with blocks and Bananagrams. -Chelsea
We like to play with all of the toys. -Katya
We like to read books. -Ella
We like playing with the toys. We let each other play. -Megan
We have to share the toys. -Tristin
We include people at choice time. -Henning
If people are playing on the ground, watch out for them. -Jaelyn
You have to listen to the rules when you play. You have to clean up your mess when you're mess when you're done. -Chelsea
I like playing with paper. -Maggie
My favourite are the blocks. -Colin
Be nice at choice time. -Katya
We take care of the toys. -Nia
If somebody asks you if they want a book, give them one. -Ella
You have to be kind to the other kids when you play. -Eben
Be gentle with the toys. -Cav

During choice time I see kids playing together, cooperating, designing, building, making things, problem solving, using their imaginations, inventing stories, and having a whole pile of fun! It's a time when kids have choice in the materials they want to use, the activity they want to do, and how they want to do it.

This year my goal is to transform our Choice Time activities and choices into a "Makerspace" time. The "Maker Movement" is something that many educators are bringing into their classrooms and library spaces as it embraces a child's natural curiosity and supports the notion of learning by doing. Play is an essential component. Technology also plays a role in Makerspaces. Children become producers of digital products rather than consumers of products created by others. This year we will explore coding as one element of our Makerspace time. This type of hands-on learning/playing incorporates so many STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) outcomes while kids create, cooperate and learn together. -Ms. Clarke