Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We LOVE GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is fun for kids. We have been doing lots of GoNoodle. We like to do it. -Grayson
GoNoodle is exercise. -Colin
GoNoodle has lots of fun things on it. The MooseTube is my favourite. -Katya
We have been doing GoNoodle and we are doing GoNoodle lots of times. -Cara
McPufferson is our mascot or a character. Whenever our tube gets all purple, McPufferson gets stronger. When we get 10/10 he gets stronger and stronger until he gets as strong as he can get. Then we don't know what to do, but maybe we just start over. -Sophie
Some GoNoodles they are fun like Maximo. He says, "'Tis I. Maximo!" when we start. -Cav
We do GoNoodle when we are really tired or when we are too excited like after recess. Today we did a relaxing one. GoNoodle is awesome! -Jaelyn
One of the games of GoNoodle is Cookie, Cookie and it is fun. Sometimes we do other games but our class likes Cookie, Cookie. -Chelsea

These are all of the games. -Megan

This is Maximo. -Cara

This is McPufferson. -Sophie

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