Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friendship Island

In january we had a special gest and her name was Jill. She comes on wenesdays. We made Friendship Island. We made waves with comments and one of them said kindness.Then we made seashells with nice things on them i did do you want to play with me i wrote takeing turnsThen we did something awesome! we made a web and we had to say a nice thing to the person that through the yarn to you and we had a fun time. then we did a pomtree the we all got a paper with someones name on it the name on my paper was sydney i got elly and we had to make leaves we had to write how we copprate i wrote dividing stuff i wrote incule others. wrote i can share my video games.
-Andy & Nick

Monday, February 25, 2013

Structures Presentations!

Today the children of Room 9 and Room 5 hosted our school-wide assembly. They shared their learning about shapes and structures with the whole school... and they were AWESOME! Here are a few slides that show the structures they chose, the models they built and where each structure is located in the world.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Design Projects!

Yesterday we made our design projects. They look fancy. One of them is from Singapore. Mine is a library. It is made out of books. It was really hard to make because we had to glue books together and hot glue cardboard together. Then Mrs. McAuley had to take some staples out with a knife and then we had to tape the structure on to the box. We had to make trees out of plasticine. We had to cut squares out of foam to be the pillars. It looks really cool because my mom photocopies some pieces of books. Then Tyson cut them out and he glued them onto a kleenex box. Then we had to glue that on to the books. Then we had to put two more books on and make the sidewalk. It was made out of black construction paper. -Elly

We all had a different structure. We had groups that we worked in. We built for 2 hours and more. Some people went to go ask other people to have some of their stuff that the other people had that we needed. It was fun. -Cali

Yesterday after lunch til the end of the day, we built structures. My structure was the Eiffel Tower. I built with Cali and Sofia. We had to cut lots of cardboard and then we had to tape it together. After we painted it grey and we put wire mesh on it. I painted a toothpick and put it on. -Syd

When we did the Marina Bay Sands Hotel we had to use cardboard boxes, and a plastic bowl. The plastic bowl was used for the boat. Then we covered it in tinfoil and we painted the boxes grey. There was cardboard under it that we painted green. We did plasticine palm trees around the pool. -Karys
Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunrise and Sunset

We are learning about sunrise and sunset. Every day we check on the computer to see the time the sun rises and sets. We started on January 21st. We are at 95 minutes of more sunlight so far. We look at the number then mrs.malkoske writes it down then cenets the dots. We do it first thing in the morning. It's light out for longer every day.

Friday, February 15, 2013

desighn progect with learning buddies

this week we started looking at buildings. next week we might start building them. we are doing structures that are all over the world. some groops are doing structures in canada. we are doing are structures with learning buddiese. we have to make a building out of matereals. we got to have a groop of foor. some groops did a building that was not even built yet. we had a groop of three.  most of th groops got to continue there building. all of the kids get a list for kids to take home and they get to ask  there parents they can take there parts to school. we have been working in the cmputer lab. in the computer lab we have been doing reaserch for this step. for the second step we get to look  for materials.

                                                               By Rhianna and Cayden

Here are some of our structures:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today the children of Room 9 were celebrating again! Here is a special Valentine's Day video for all of our followers!
-The Children of Room 9

Happy Valentine's Day! from Erin Malkoske on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 100th Day of School!

Today was 100 Day! Here is a list of a few things we did in our classroom:
1. Our pictures looked like Grandmas and Grandpas
2. We walked through our 100 door... The 0 was our door
3. We made a necklace with 100 Fruit Loops
4. We made hats with 100 dots (they looked like birdcages
5. We made glasses that look like 100s
6. We did a scavenger hunt
7. We hand painted 100 fingers
8. We made a picture like we were 100 years old but mostly we looked like Grandmas and Grandpas
9. We had 100 balloons and we released them onto the ground
10. We did 100 other things!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Halfway Day!

Today is Halfway Day! Halfway Day is where we've already been in school for half of the year, and 94 more days are left in school. We celebrated Halfway Day by doing 4 different projects. The first project was making the other half of our faces with pencils and pencil crayons. The second one was having one bowl of pretzels and two cups of apple juice to share. The third was painting half of one thing and sticking it to the other side of the paper. The fourth one was reading with a partner. One person read half a page, and the other person read half a page. -Rhianna

Today we did an art project about Halfway Day. Mrs. Malkoske cut our pictures in half and we had to draw the other half. Then we had a snack and we had to share with someone. It was preztels and half a cup of apple juice. You had to split the pretzels by counting them. -Karys

The painting project wasn't just about painting, it was learning about symmetry. Something is symmetrical when its the exact same on the other side. For example, let's say a kite. It has to be the exact same on both sides. If the kite has a little short wing and the other one is a big wing, the kite wouldn't fly right. -Rylee

We made a project that one side you can paint. Mine was a rocketship. I painted and then I folded it into like a hotdog. When I open it up, there were two sides. -Sam

In the afternoon, we did a project. We could make anything we wanted to make. We could make a rocketship, a butterfly. We had to color it in and fold it and open it up. Then it will look really nice. -Nick