Monday, February 25, 2013

Structures Presentations!

Today the children of Room 9 and Room 5 hosted our school-wide assembly. They shared their learning about shapes and structures with the whole school... and they were AWESOME! Here are a few slides that show the structures they chose, the models they built and where each structure is located in the world.


JH said...

WOW! Those look amazing - great work! I'm going to show them to my students, and hopefully it'll help them want to work even harder on their PIPs (we just started working on PIPs a couple of weeks ago, so they could definitely use examples like yours to help them out).

Anonymous said...

Room 9 you were AWESOME today! You worked together as a team in your presentations, you used great voices and I am pretty sure everyone was impressed with your hard work. Mr. Oddy and I are so proud of all of you. Way to go!

Mr. & Mrs. Oddy

Unknown said...

Boys and Girls, I saw your teacher present your blog at a conference on Friday and I am so excited to start following you! Thank you so much for sharing your work with the world! Keep up the great work! Mrs. Lee Neepawa, Manitoba

Anonymous said...

Elly's Grandma wants the Boys & Girls of Room 9 to be very PROUD of themselves ~ AWESOME JOB!!!!

Mrs. Funk said...

To all the kids in Room 9, what an excellent job on the structures you all made! They were great! Very impressive!

Wouldn't it be cool to go and see each of these places in person?

Brandon's mom- Mrs. Funk