Friday, February 15, 2013

desighn progect with learning buddies

this week we started looking at buildings. next week we might start building them. we are doing structures that are all over the world. some groops are doing structures in canada. we are doing are structures with learning buddiese. we have to make a building out of matereals. we got to have a groop of foor. some groops did a building that was not even built yet. we had a groop of three.  most of th groops got to continue there building. all of the kids get a list for kids to take home and they get to ask  there parents they can take there parts to school. we have been working in the cmputer lab. in the computer lab we have been doing reaserch for this step. for the second step we get to look  for materials.

                                                               By Rhianna and Cayden

Here are some of our structures:


Val Frederick said...

This looks like a very cool project

Unknown said...

Agreed! I'm very impressed with those structures - very ingenuitive! :)

Unknown said...

Great pictures !! :)

zachphung said...

This sounds awesome! I wish that we were able to do an assignement like this in highschool! I'm sure certain classes might but for an inclass activity, this would be fun!