Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Design Projects!

Yesterday we made our design projects. They look fancy. One of them is from Singapore. Mine is a library. It is made out of books. It was really hard to make because we had to glue books together and hot glue cardboard together. Then Mrs. McAuley had to take some staples out with a knife and then we had to tape the structure on to the box. We had to make trees out of plasticine. We had to cut squares out of foam to be the pillars. It looks really cool because my mom photocopies some pieces of books. Then Tyson cut them out and he glued them onto a kleenex box. Then we had to glue that on to the books. Then we had to put two more books on and make the sidewalk. It was made out of black construction paper. -Elly

We all had a different structure. We had groups that we worked in. We built for 2 hours and more. Some people went to go ask other people to have some of their stuff that the other people had that we needed. It was fun. -Cali

Yesterday after lunch til the end of the day, we built structures. My structure was the Eiffel Tower. I built with Cali and Sofia. We had to cut lots of cardboard and then we had to tape it together. After we painted it grey and we put wire mesh on it. I painted a toothpick and put it on. -Syd

When we did the Marina Bay Sands Hotel we had to use cardboard boxes, and a plastic bowl. The plastic bowl was used for the boat. Then we covered it in tinfoil and we painted the boxes grey. There was cardboard under it that we painted green. We did plasticine palm trees around the pool. -Karys
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Anonymous said...

Room 9!!!
You all are AMAZING! Your structures are completely recognizable and I love all of the materials you used to bring them to life! What wonderful team work with all the research, planning and building. Beautiful work!!!
From Mrs. Oddy