Thursday, October 15, 2015

A VERY Busy Day!

We went to Ms. Coppen's class and fire fighter Nick talked about safety. -Ella
We saw the ladder go up. -Cara
Today when we went outside we saw the fire truck that Nick drove and we talked about safety. When we did a walk through the fire truck. -Jaelyn
Today we went to go in the fire truck. -Grayson

Here are some of the fire safety tips that Nick told us:
When there is smoke, you have to go on the ground and be like a snake. -Chelsea
If you have fire on you, you have to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. -Colin
If there is an alarm, and if the door feels hot, they you can't go out, you have to call for help and open up the window. -Ella
We have to make a meeting place with Mom or Dad. -Cav
Check the fire alarms in your house for batteries. -Grayson

This morning the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra were playing on the things they had to play. Some of them were violins, and they were playing some beautiful music that they played in our gym at the school. -Jaelyn
They were playing beautiful songs. They played Super Mario 10. -Colin
They played The Simpson's song. -Eli
They played Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. -Katya

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