Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The 4 Seasons

In IBL we were learning about the 4 seasons. -Cara
We learned about fall, winter, spring and summer. -Chelsea
We went in groups and we had to write what we were going to do. We had to practice. We did a dress rehearsal before we did it.-Jaelyn
We had to get all of our stuff like costumes and props and we put them on for the movie.-Katya
We brought lots of things from home. -Ella
We had a green screen and we stood in front of it because then there was pictures behind us so we could pick the background. -Grayson
We picked the background on the computers. -Nia
We liked dressing up! -Chelsea
We made 4 movies. -Cav
Today we watched the movies, The 4 Seasons. -Colin

Here are our movies!

We Love Fall! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

We Love Winter! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

We Love Summer! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.

We Love Spring! from Erin Clarke on Vimeo.


Mrs. Tresoor said...

Hi Ms. Clarke's class. We LOVED your videos. We learned so much about the seasons. Thanks for letting us watch the videos. You all did a great job!
-Mrs. Tresoor's class

Inga said...

I love your season videos! They are so much fun to watch. Good job Cara and room 9!
- Inga