Friday, November 22, 2013

Snowflake Patterns!

Today we made snowflakes out of blocks. It was fun because we were in groups. One person made one on the paper and one person made a practice one. I made a snowflake and you have to start with a hexagon and then you have to do all 6 sides like what ever you did on one side. -Cole

We had so much fun making our snowflakes. There were all different kinds. Ms. Clarke told us that in the middle we always have to have a hexagon and today she showed us some new ways to make them. -Sofia

Take six triangles to make a hexagon. Other ways are to get three diamonds or two trapezoids. -Dylan R

This week we made snowflakes on cardboard. It was fun because at the end you got to paint with sponges and at lunch recess me and Ms. Clarke were taking off the tape off the snowflakes. -Matt G


Mrs. Lowe said...

Wow, these are stunning! I'd love to see the snowflakes you painted too.

Mrs. Lowe (Stevenson-Britannia School)

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9!
Your snowflakes are all incredibly and noticeably unique! What great pieces of art, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing, from Mrs. Oddy

Anonymous said...

Your snowflakes are pretty. -Cassie We love your snowflakes.-Bryce There is one that is the same as mine. -Chase We made snowflakes in our room. - Denise Have you made polar bears like us? - Essence (Mrs. Lowe's Class)

Unknown said...

Your snowflakes are so symmetrical and beautiful!