Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Soggy Field Trip!

Today we went to Bird's Hill Park with our learning buddies. The reason we went is that we are writing plays and we needed a background for the greenscreen. -Rhianna
We were taking videos and the videos connected to our book that we are making. -Reegan
The trails that we went hiking on were Chickadee Trail and Cedar Bog. The Cedar Bog was more kind of a skinny trail and it was squishier. -Syd
The Chickadee Trail was very sunny and the Cedar Bog Trail was very rainy. -Sofia
When we got of the bus, 5 minutes later, we got all soaked. It was pouring SO hard! There was a little bit of thunder but no lightning. -Cali
Everyone got soaked/ I was wearing rain pants and a rain coat. Because it was raining so hard, it went through my jacket. My shirt was soaked but it dried up. -Elly
When it rained I thought it was AWESOME! At the  end, I couldn't even see where we were going so I had to stop for Tyson. Then I had to follow Tyson. -Cayden
The Grade 3 and 4 boys were yelling "This is the BEST field trip EVER!" when the rain was coming down. I wasn't so sure about that ... but we had a lot of laughs and it ended up being the BEST hike I've ever been on :) -Mrs. Malkoske
Mrs. Oddy made trail mix for us. She gave a bag to each of us. It was awesome. -Kaspir
At the end of Cedar Bog we saw a garter snake. It was really cool. I freaked out and ran away because I do not like snakes. -Rylee
The snake was yellow and black and green. We saw it's tongue. It was slithering around in the leaves. -Nick
After Cedar Bog we had lunch. We had lunch on a picnic table and tarp. On one of the picnic tables there was a heart and it said "Kevin + Elly" and there was an arrow through it. It was funny. -Andy
After lunch we went to the Chickadee Trail. Then we had to walk for a long time. We saw lots of signs and the lookout was closed. We had to walk back. -Sam
On the Chickadee Trail there was a lot of poop. There was horse poop and rabbit poop and deer poop. -Jonathan
At the end of Chickadee Trail it started to spit a little. We had the BEST field trip EVER!!! -Syd

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Anonymous said...

What a great field trip! I was very happy to be a part of it. You children all did amazing considering we were all very wet at the beginning of the hike!

Carolyn Capell