Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 3 Days Together

Mrs. Malkoske was sick so we had to have substitute teachers two days in a row. So we couldn't blog because they didn't know what to do. -Cole, Jolene, and Madeline
Today I got a Dragonfly Ticket. It was my first one! -Sam
We missed Mrs. Malkoske but she's here today. I missed Cameron and I wanted him to come back.-Rhianna
We wrote about peace today. We switched jobs and seats. I was sick yesterday. -Cameron
We did lots of writing, reading and math. -Peyton
We made an Animoto today about Bag Up Manitoba! (Mrs. Malkoske will post it later). -Jadyn
While Mrs. Malkoske was gone we had a piece of paper and we had to do math on it. It was about adding. -Sydney R
We did writing. I like writing because now writing is my favourite thing. -Rylee
At first recess me, Taylor and Jadyn stayed in to help Mrs. Malkoske. -Ashley
At last recess I stayed in to help clean up the classroom. -Kendall
Today Mrs. Malkoske was back. -Alexander
I missed Cameron because he was sick. -Nicholas
We collected 3733 bags! Now we're done. -Olivia
That makes 93 Frisbees!!! -Tristan

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