Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesome Blue Bomber Day

Today we could wear blue and gold or a blue bombers jersey. -Olivia
We finished the book that Ms. Koehn was reading today. We finished our gingerbread glyphs. -Cameron
On blue bomber day most of the people in our class wore blue bomber stuff. I took mine off because I was too hot. It was a fun day. -Tristan
We were doing some gingerbread glyphs and putting buttons on them. We had to glue them on.-Nicholas
Today, me, Kendall and Cameron were playing hide and seek at recess. Me and Cameron hid in the play structure and Cameron called it Bunny Hide and Seek. It was fun.- Sydney R
We had fun because we did our glyphs and when we were all done we drew pictures and we had fun. -Rylee
We had music and went on the instrunments. -Kaspir
We coloured pictures. -Sam
We had music and the kindergartners came to join us. -Cole
We coloured pictures when we were done doing our glyphs, and when we were coloring our pictures Ms. Koehn read us a story called "The Twelve Dancing Princesses." -Madeline
We got sour soothers and jelly beans from Ms. Koehn.- Jadyn
This week was really fun. -Tyson

I can't believe the week is over already! The children were well behaved for both myself and Ms. Koehn. I taught my second lesson today and it was on natural and constructed features. I feel that the lesson went well and I can't wait to teach more. -Ms. Anderlic

P.S. Do you hope the blue bombers will win?- Kendall

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Mrs. Cassidy said...

I love your blog! You have been very busy posting.
Yes, I hope the Blue Bombers win, just for you, Kendall.