Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Makes Good Writing?

As we get ready for portfolio conferences, the children in our classroom have been reflecting on some of their learning in reading, writing, math and our inquiry projects. Today our focus was on writing. I asked the kids the question, "What Makes Good Writing?" Here is what they said:
Tristan - Start with the date.
Cameron - Neat, small printing.
Peyton & Madeline - Use periods, exclamation marks, commas, and question marks in the right places.
Cole - Write the details.
Taylor - Write on the lines.
Jonathon & Lindsay - It makes sense.
Jolene - Uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence
Kendall & Sydney R - Finger spaces!
Rhianna - Do the title.
Kaspir - No scribbling, use letters.
Sydney R - Try to sound out the words.
Kendall - Don't use bad words.
Jadyn - Read it over.
Peyton - Then we looked at the Writing Continuum and compared our writing to the samples. We used our TWAS to match the writing on the writing continuum.

Here are some more things that help to make our writing even better:
Ashley - Make all the words uppercase in a title
Aliegha & Jolene - The picture has to go with the writing. They have to match.
Aliegha - Add feelings to your writing.

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