Friday, November 4, 2011

Awesome Awesome Awesome Day!

Today we had a remembrance day project. We had to paint something that represents peace. I (Tristan) did sour stuff. For the project  I (Jonathon) picked cinnamon. Each table was making a list ideas for Remembrance Day. Each table got their list and did a recording. We're going to make them into a movie. For Remembrance Day me (Tristan) and Jolene went to the Music room to practice our speech for the Remembrance Day assembly next week. We had to make a wreath and lay it down on the stage and do our speech. When Taylor's Grandma and Grandpa came we made the poppies and glued them onto a paper and that was the wreath. We had gym and there were 4 centers. We had choir and it was fun.
By Tristan, Peyton and Jonathon

Note to Readers: Our "What Does Peace Feel Like?" video will be posted to the blog soon!

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