Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Boo!

It was Halloween and we had a lot of treats at the end of the day, after last recess. I dressed up as Smartie Pants. After we had a Halloween party I played Don't Break the Ice with Cole and Jolene and Sam and Peyton.-Tristan
We had two Halloween activities - The Little Witch story and Smarties. At the Halloween parade everyone got to show their costumes. -Peyton
The Halloween parade was in the gym. -Kendall
I brought cookies shaped like ghosts. My costume was an Angry Bird pig. -Cole
We all dressed up for Halloween. In the parade all the people were different. -Rhianna
We had a Halloween party and we had a lot of treats and we counted bags and there were a lot of bags. We went to the parade and we showed our costumes. -Cameron
Lots of costumes were different. We had fun and ate lots of snacks and we had fun. -Jadyn
Mrs. Malkoske was supposed to be Pinkalicious. We had to go in a circle around the gym for the parade. I was a bumble bee.  -Olivia
Ms. Anderlic was an old grandma. - Aleigha
We had 3 recesses and I came on the bus. -Sam
Tonight we go Trick or Treating!!! -Nicholas

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Anonymous said...

I loved the halloween parade!!! You guy all looked great! Hope your classroom party was lots of fun too! Thanks for having me in your class again yesterday! I really enjoy volunteering there! (Mrs. Barnes)