Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Albuquerque Turkey Song

We sang a song called Albuquerque Turkey. -Sam

Here is a YouTube video we found:

The turkey is afraid he'll get eaten on Thanksgiving. -Kendall
It's a great song. It's funny. -Rylee
At the end of the YouTube video they changed the words. It's supposed to be "egg foo yong" but they say "pizza pie". -Tristan
We made turkeys with a brown cup, some tissue paper and some construction paper. Some of us made beaks. We made the feathers by tracing our hands and cutting them out. Ms. Anderlic helped us. When we were almost done, the fire bell rang. -Ashley, Jolene, Jadyn, Aliegha, Madeline
We had our first family groups today. We made flip flops. We got to decorate them. It represents walking in someone else's shoes. -Petyon, Alexander, Jonathon, Taylor, Tristan
My flip flop showed 'angry'. -Jolene
Some of us have new family groups. -Ashley
We had fun in family groups. -Lindsay
For the family groups my group had to choose mad or cheerful. -Peyton
I was in group 2. -Nicholas
We did some writing. I did lots of writing. -Cameron
We had a fire drill today. -Kaspir

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