Monday, October 3, 2011

Children Just LIke Us

We started our Children Just Like Us book. We had to write about our houses, ourselves, and our families. We switched seats and jobs, and we had gym outside. Me and my friends played soccer. -Tristan
It was Rhianna's birthday. Happy Birthday Rhianna! -Brandon
We sang Happy Birthday to her. -Nicholas
We had 3 recesses. It was fun. -Sam
Rhianna gave us cookies after first recess. -Peyton
We drew a picture for Rhianna. -Jadyn
We put stuff in our number of the day and we did some numbers. -Cameron
We started number of the day. Grade 1's did 3 because it's October 3rd. Grade 2's did 19 because that's how many days we've been in school. -Taylor
I wrote a big story in my notebook during free writing. -Jonathon
We had Gym outside. It was hot! -Alexander
We got dragonfly tickets. Me, Jadyn, Ashley, Rylee and Kendall and Nicholas got them. -Lindsay
There were lots of birds in the birdfeeder. -Sydney R
We had a friendly, fun day. -Rylee

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