Friday, October 14, 2011

First Guest Reader!

Alexander's Dad (Coach) read us a story. It was called 'Boo!'. -Lindsay
It was a good book. -Nicholas
It was written by Robert Munsch. -Peyton
It was illustrated by Michael Martchenko
A monster kid was scaring everyone. He was scaring everyone and saying "boo!!" on Halloween. -Sam
When Alexander's Dad read us the story, at the end of the story, there was another teenager who dressed up as the same thing except he was a rock star and then he had a big bag of candy (like the same as the boy) and he had a pillow case on his head. He took off his mask and he showed a scary mask but it wasn't as scary as the boy's. Then the boy took all the candy. -Tristan
It was funny. -Olivia
When he said "Boo!" they would scream and fall right over. -Aliegha
It was so scary and when I saw it, it scared me! -Cameron


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Malkoske,
It was fun to have my Mom and Dad come to school on Friday. It was fun being 'Star of the Week'; because my brother came to my classroom to have lunch with me and my friends. Alexander

Thank you Mrs. Malkoske for taking the time to make our children feel special and celebrated! Susanne and Colin Angus

Anonymous said...

It looks like you liked the book Alexander's dad read to you because Robert Munsch is a good author. Do you like him?

Cameron H. in Mr.H's class