Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lots of fun day

There was 326 bags that we counted today. -Aliegha
We had gym and we had centres that we could do. One was bean bag toss and one was kind of like bowling and one was hoola hoops and skipping. The last one was scooter races. -Madeline
We did some math centres with Sydney R's Mom and it was so much fun. -Cameron
Today was the first day that me and Ashley went around the school and collected bags. -Jolene
Today we had choir, gym and computer lab. In the computer lab we learned some new math games. -Ashley
Today at gym we had a substitute and we played duck duck goose. -Taylor
In the computer lab the math games are on our wiki. -Peyton
In choir we sang songs and had fun. They were Christmas concert songs. -Olivia
We got lots and lots of bags. -Jonathon
Me, Taylor, Ashley, Aliegha and Madeline had to go to every single classroom and give them notes for the end of the day. -Jadyn
We had fun this morning because we did lots of learning and I like learning at school. -Rylee

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